Weekly Sunday Singles TD Information

The TD (Tournament Director) is responsible for running the tournament for that week. Being a TD is a great way to get to know more club members and play a round with some fresh faces! Volunteering to TD is a highly honored activity within the club. There’s even a raffle for all those that TD in a given season! If you would like to volunteer, please sign-up at the link below.


The TD plays for free* their week and is still eligible for that week’s cash payout as well as the ACE pot.
*If you choose to TD with another person (or persons), only one gets to play for free.

To make volunteering as easy as possible, the club typically provides the materials needed to run a weekly. Items marked with (*) below will be at the course in a secure location. If you are not aware of this location, please contact Shawn Mercy or ask around.

TD Materials:

  1. Player Sign-up Sheet* (2)
  2. Weekly Scorecard (double sided with distances and rules)* (30)
  3. TD “Quick Guide” / Cash Statement* (1)
  4. Player Info Sign* (1)
  5. “Weekly in Progress” Sign* (2)
  6. “Mando” Sign* (several)


  1. TD Sign-up Sheet / Schedule
  2. TD Scoring Template


Here are the rest of TD’s roles and responsibilities, and a Step-by-Step Guide to processing and submitting cash and scores. Please do your best to submit scores and cash without mistakes. It is the TD’s responsibility to make sure any discrepancies are resolved BEFORE submitting cash and results!
  •  Have fun customizing the course – The TD gets to the course early to have fun by creatively and temporarily alter the course in some way. This might include adding some “mando’s” (manditory flight paths), creating virtual traps, alternative tee locations or anything else that comes to mind. However:  DO NOT create unsafe or overly difficult changes that create bottlenecks in player flow through the round. Mildly adjust the individual holes, not the course.  Honor the course boundaries and respect other park users. Please read the entire “Course Change Guide” in the TD “Quick Guide” (link above).
  •     Manage the round
    • START TIME: Due to increased participation — we average ~80 players per week — be prepared to start signups by 8:00am. Early is even better. Many TDs start at 7:30am.
    • SIGN-UP SHEET: Each column has 25 spots, each page 50. This standard formatting may help you keep track of # of players and who paid. Or, you can just bring a pad of paper to create a sign up sheet. To stay organized, number the list and create columns for Player Name and Paid (or not). Make sure people print  their 1st and Last names clearly on the sign up sheet so you can compare to the score card. It will save you a lot of time later to make sure people are printing neatly before you accept their payment. If they don’t, have them try again.
    • CASH: Collect and store cash in a small zip-lock bag or large envelope. Keep 1s and 5s if possible, it makes payout easier. The bag or envelope will also come in handy when delivering to Mr. Toby.
    • END OF SIGNUPS: At 10am close the sign ups and go play your round in the last group
    • COURSE CLEANUP: The TD is responsible for restoring the course to a reasonable layout for the public. Please clean up any temporary alternate tees, hazard or mandatory flight markers, and ensure baskets are locked.
  • Post Round Accounting – BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE COURSE, it is important to spend a few minutes reconciling the cash, players on the signup sheet who played / paid, and # of players on the collected scorecards.
    • Scorecards will be deposited by players into the small black mailbox mounted to the course sign near the tee for Hole 1.
    • After you finish your round, collect the scorecards from the mailbox.
    • Tally the number of players on the sign-up list.
    • Tally the cash.
    • Tally the number of players on collected scorecards.
    • IMPORTANT: Any discrepancies between the sign-up list, cash, and submitted scores needs to be addressed BEFORE you turn in the cash or submit scores!
  • Turn in the Cash to Jon Toby
    • When you see Jon Toby hand him the money. If you don’t see him you can drop off the money at his house across the street. Please use an envelope and either hand it to him or drop in mail slot on the garage door. Please ask a club member where his house is (it’s across Fulton).
  • Check and Summarize Scores and Resolve Name Discrepancies
    • Check the score of each player. If an incorrect total is recorded, correct the score and add a 2 stroke penalty.
    • There are two spreadsheets that can be used to assist in summarizing scores and checking names against the current database. Both of these spreadsheets will help you format the results and make sure there are no typos (via automatic data validation). Our scorer likes it when there are no typos or discrepancies!
    • If you have (or don’t mind getting) a Google Account, the spreadsheet at the link above is the best option. IMPORTANT: Follow instructions on the 1st sheet! The 1st step is to “Make a Copy” of the spreadsheet template. You need a Google Account to do this! The big advantage of this version is when typing in names, it auto-filters against the database, giving you choices based on what you have typed so far. This functionality can save ~30 minutes or more! Excel cannot do this (don’t talk to me about macros ;-).
    • If you would prefer and Excel-based spreadsheet, use the file found at this link. The limitation of this spreadsheet is that it will not auto-filter. You still have to type the entire name or try to scroll through the menu (not helpful w/over a thousand names!). This spreadsheet will still identify typos or new names with a warning message. It is way better than the 3rd option…
    • You do not have to use the spreadsheet, even though it is highly preferred. If you cannot use either spreadsheet, simply enter the names and scores into an email.
  • Turn in the scorecards and scores to the league score keeper as soon as possible.
    • Send your scores to <sfdgc.scores@gmail.com>. In your email to Dave, please note the number of players played, number who paid, and if there were any ACES. Be sure to also note which players did NOT pay when submitting the scores – this is very important!

 If you have any questions or problems, contact syncronousmedia <at> gmail <dot> com.