New Baskets for GGPDGC – Next Steps (04-12-2017)

April 12, 2017 in Announcements, Club Communications

New Baskets for GGPDGC – Next Steps

Dear SFDGC Members–
First, we would like to thank everyone who responded to our last email regarding the subject of new baskets. We thought people were passionate about this topic and it turns out we were correct!  This is certainly an important decision by the club with long-term impact to the GGPDGC and how it is experienced by players.
Of the 1094 past and current club members that the message was sent to, 379 people at least opened the email. Of those that opened the email, 61 clicked through to the survey. Of those, 36 people responded to our survey with some type of feedback. The responses were overall supportive of the plan as previously detailed…in short, to purchase and install DGA Mach X baskets at GGPDGC prior to our 10th Birthday Bash celebration.  However, there was enough push back on either the choice of Mach X, the process by which the decision was made, or both, that we have decided to engage the membership further in the process before moving forward.
You can read all of the responses here (names are not included):
(Please contact us if you would like your response removed from the website.)

 A vote on options available is needed to gain consensus of the membership. To protect the future membership and the course against problems associated with any chosen basket, we need to work on preparing options that are on equal footing.
This will require communication with the manufacturers regarding warranty, manufacturing specifications, color requirements, and also price. It’s clear that the top two baskets are the DGA Mach X and the Innova DISCatcher 28. Those will likely be the options offered although if another equal or better possibility turns up, we will consider adding a 3rd option. There will also be an option to essentially choose that no action be taken now.
We will need to clear options with with the SF Recreation & Parks Department. The Mach X is already approved, so this work will focus on a viable solution for the DC 28.  All of this will take time –thank you in advance for your patience and support.
In order to reach the largest number of club members, we will kick off the vote via an email message which will also be posted on the club website. Only current (2017) club members will be eligible to vote. The vote will use a similar format to what was previously provided for feedback (Google Forms). We will then publish the results and a plan of action based on those results.
We appreciate your continued patience on this important club matter. You will be hearing from us again soon!
Your SFDGC Officers
Jon Toby – President
Shawn Mercy – Vice President
Steve Erle – Treasurer
Jerry Showman – Secretary