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There are so many reasons to become a 2016 member of the club that we had to put the information on a separate page (click here)   :-)

To become an SF Disc Golf Club member for the remainder of the 2016 calendar year you have two options:

  1. Pay with PayPal. Just click the “Sign Up” button below and follow the instructions to make your payment. Your Bagtag will be mailed to the address given as soon as possible.
  2. Snail-mail. Print the membership form found here. Fill it out and send your payment by mail to the address on the form. Your Bagtag will be returned by mail as soon as possible.

Be certain to let us know if it’s a new membership or renewal by checking the box on the form. This is to let us know that you need a lifetime membership number (different from your Bagtag #).

Disc Golf Club Membership includes:

  •     Limited edition 2016 Bagtag
  •     Lifetime membership number
  •     Member’s Only Discounts on all club merchandise for the calendar year
  •     Good Disc Karma
The yearly membership fee is $40. We will use your money only to benefit our club, course, and to grow the sport!
Thank you for your support!


January 1, 20162016 Club MembershipIncluded: 2016 Membership and Bag Tag
Location Golden Gate Park
900 John F Kennedy Dr
San Francisco CA 94121

Hosted By San Francisco Disc Golf Club

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The San Francisco Disc Golf Club would like to announce a club meeting to be held at the end of June. Please come and participate…share your views, contribute your ideas, get involved!

Here are the details:

When: 7PM on Wednesday, June 29th

Where: La Promenade Café (3643 Balboa St, San Francisco, California 94121)


  • 2016 Safari tournament planning
  • Course maintenance projects
  • Budget report by our Treasurer
  • Election of club officers: President, VP, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • Other items club members would like to discuss

With regard to elections, following is a partial list of club responsibilities that the officers must collectively manage and/or oversee. Of course it takes a village, so officers must also be able to engage the SFDGC community and delegate some of the tasks that keep our club running like a well-oiled machine.

If you would like to step up and become an officer, please consider these tasks and your role in making sure they get done:

  • Represent the club to SF Rec & Park and the general public
  • Coordinate/oversee all tournaments – this is of course done with the invaluable leadership of the Tournament Director and team– (BTC, Birthday Bash, Safari) Tournament responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    • Applying for and securing permits
    • Solicit donations/sponsorships
    • Secure artwork for player’s pack items
    • Trophies
    • Review of course layouts
    • Planning human and material resources
    • Tournament central facility & volunteer personnel
    • Add’l baskets, tents, tables, barbeques, other stuff
    • Food and drink
    • Payouts
    • Disc sales
    • Cleanup
    • Compliance with terms of permit
    • Order bag tags, shirts, discs, other materials
    • Et Cetera!
  • Work with SF Rec and Park on projects/issues of mutual concern
  • Maintain disc inventory and sales efforts
  • Track and manage club finances and accounts
  • File taxes
  • Coordinate/allocate capital expenditures for the club, including course maintenance
  • Build new streams of revenue
  • Course maintenance—work with the BP volunteers to assist and prioritize ongoing maintenance
  • Organize SFDGC/BP work parties
  • Run meetings
  • Oversee web presence/social media presence
  • Respond to all public inquiries to the website
  • Keep membership up to date–send out all bag tags to new members

There’s all kinds of little stuff that comes up…what am I forgetting? If you decide to throw your hat in the ring for an officer position, these are some of the things that you can expect to be involved with.

Jon Toby, our long-time current President is willing to continue along in the role with the help of fellow club officers and members. However, we absolutely support any responsible club member who wants to step into this role! The individual must be willing to use their leadership skills and good judgement to represent the club, address our interests in a positive, cooperative manner, and respect our duties as stewards of the beautiful Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course. If you feel that you can take on these responsibilities, then please: bring your dedication and talent to a role as officer of the SFDGC!

Hope to see you at the meeting–thanks very much for your continuing interest in the SFDGC and GGPDGC.


Hosted By San Francisco Disc Golf Club

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June 29, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The SFDGC Hosts a handicapped singles league every Sunday, rain or shine. There is a rolling start from 8:30am – 10am. The total cost for players is $5, with $1 going to the ace pool and the rest going to the purse (full payout). SFDGC Bag Tags are in play for club members within your own group (or multiple if you choose to “collaborate”). If you’re a non-member and want to support SFDGC and the GGP course, join the club for only $40/yearly!

What: One round of 18 holes, layout is at TD’s discretion.

When: Every Sunday Morning – Rolling start 8:30am – 10:00am

Where: Sign-up near Tee 01, Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course

Why: Have fun and win some cash!

How: You must play 3 rounds to establish your handicap. On your 1st two rounds, you cannot win the “pot” but you can still compete in the Ace Pool for $5 ($4 still goes to the pot). We have not “reset” the established players list since sometime in 2008. We currently have over 1400 players in our database!

Past Results: Click here

Anybody can TD one of our weeklies: Click here for more info


Location Golden Gate Park
900 John F Kennedy Dr
San Francisco CA 94121

Hosted By San Francisco Disc Golf Club

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SFDGC hosts a weekly informal doubles round every Tuesday afternoon / evening. The format is random draw, best shot. The entry fee is $5, 100% payout, taken care of after the round. This is a great way to meet and play with new people as well as learn from some of the best players our club has to offer!

What: Weekly Tuesday Doubles, Random Draw, 100% Payout

When: Currently 5:30PM start, Every Tuesday (time varies based on daylight)

Where: Tee 01, Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course

Why: Its fun!

Location Golden Gate Park
900 John F Kennedy Dr
San Francisco CA 94121

Hosted By San Francisco Disc Golf Club

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