2018 SFDGC Membership

January 5, 2013 in

Please support the San Francisco Disc Golf Club — renew or become a member today! There are so many reasons to become a 2018 member of the club that we had to put the information on a separate page (click here)   🙂 To become an SF Disc Golf Club member for the remainder of the 2018 calendar year you have two options:

  1. Find Shawn Mercy or Jon Toby at the course — we are usually at the Sunday Weekly
  2. Pay with PayPal. Just click the “Sign Up” button below and follow the instructions to make your payment. Your Bagtag will be mailed to the address given as soon as possible.

Be certain to let us know if it’s a new membership or renewal by checking the box on the form. This is to let us know that you need a lifetime membership number (different from your Bagtag #). Disc Golf Club Membership includes:

  •     Limited edition 2018 Bagtag
  •     Lifetime membership number
  •     Member’s Only Discounts on all club merchandise for the calendar year
  •     Good Disc Karma
We will use your money only to benefit our club, course, and to grow the sport!
Thank you for your support!


December 31, 2018
SFDisc Golf Club Annual Membership$40.00
Location Golden Gate Park
900 John F Kennedy Dr
San Francisco CA 94121

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