PDGA sanctioned league

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PDGA sanctioned league

Postby joegraham » Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:53 pm

PDGA announced it will offer sanctioningof local leagues to post in PDGA data base for PDGA round ratings starting in March for 3 twelve week league periods. Can we look into going in on this? I think Kevin's league data base would easily be uploaded into this system, and we can have many more rounds count towards ratings (if a PDGA member).

PDGA Sanctioned Leagues Available This March 2012

The PDGA will be providing the resources for players to earn PDGA rated rounds playing in their hometown weekly leagues. If you already have leagues, you'll be able to continue running them pretty much how you've been running them. The PDGA will simply provide the ratings service for your league players.

“Okay, so how much this is going to cost?” All players will pay $1 per week. There's no extra fee for nonmembers. League Directors keep half (50 cents) for admin costs, final standings payouts, course improvements, charities, etc and the PDGA gets the other half (50 cents). We feel splitting the fees with the League Director is essential to help strengthen local disc golf clubs and help with course maintenance to keep our courses looking nice.

League Directors will determine your weekly league entry fee. If you want to play for $2, $5, $20, or FREE that’s up to your league. The PDGA league sanctioning fee will be just $25 for a 12-week league. The PDGA is not going to track payouts for leagues. It’s up to the League Directors how they wish to go about handling their leagues (meaning Ams can accept cash without losing Am status).

The March 2012 roll out will be the first phase of the program. We are requesting that all events be standard singles play until we get the system established. Once we get everything working smoothly we hope to provide the option for other formats including handicapped, global ratings based, team and even doubles leagues. This may take some time to develop all of these formats. But once we get more players getting rated rounds then it will be much easier to establish the parameters for how these other formats will work. Plus the IT side of things will need a little time to incorporate handling the different formats.
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