Work Party on Saturday, November 5

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Work Party on Saturday, November 5

Postby crosstoby » Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:25 pm

Attention Disc Golfers!!!
SFDGC Work Party Scheduled for November 5th

We’ll meet at 8:30 at Hole #1, work until about 12:30, enjoy lunch provided by SFDGC, and finish up around 2:30. Come for as long as you can---even an hour or so helps.

To-Do list:
- Spread the chip piles that are on hole 11, hole 14 and hole 15.
- Micro-Garbage patrol on fairway 15-16.
- Fix totem pole on 6 (Dino and I meant well but did a lousy job in protecting it...we'll do better this time).
- Fix "Caution" sign on hole 13. Water and weed garden between 4A and 6C. And...a big job....terrace and fill
the hill area approaching 16C.

Anything else? Please feel free to post suggestions here.

Hope to get a big turnout for this one—thanks!
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Re: Work Party on Saturday, November 5

Postby crosstoby » Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:45 pm

Work Party Report---

We have 280 or so current members of the club, and we had I think nine guys who showed up to work. Pat Walsh, Todd Kurnat, Dino Papagni, Pat Heath, Les Swift, Sean Jack, Bob Wigersma, Booth Burrows, me...did I miss anybody? Sorry if I did. Matt Brenner dropped off a couple of bags of cement. Dr. Mike brought beer for everyone afterwards. Very generous effort by our man Ken P. the Gardener to help us move chips and logs. He also procured two bags of grass seed.

So, despite the remarkably and astonishingly PATHETIC showing, we did get some good work done. Dino, in his best impression of Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters, used ten or so bags of concrete to properly support the Totem Pole on Hole 6. There is still another phase to that job---we'll need to have a final effort to finish it after the work Dino did today sets up and dries.

Lots of chips got spread--holes 15, 16, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 all got some chips. Patrick Brown raked up a bunch of leaves on 13 a week or so ago, and the after-lunch effort resulted in the whole fairway being raked and seeded. A few raindrops began to fall as we were nearing completion.

We pulled three of Ken's truckloads of chips onto the basket areas around 16A & B. Much needed--the area looks better and we take a small step towards mitigating further erosion there. The big project close by--building terraces on 16C--was discussed and plans were formulated.

The few people that showed up got a lot done. Everybody out there understands that *caca* comes up and people have responsibilities that can't be changed and folks just can't make it for one reason or another. But I'll be GODDAMNED if I can explain why I see Pat Walsh show up at every work party. Don't you have anything better to do, Pat? How about you, Les? Why do you guys always show up? Why did the rest of you guys come? Is it because you understand that we have a responsibility to honor our word as the SFDGC and maintain this course?

Could it be that you can somehow make a couple of hours available every few months to take care of something you love? Maybe it's just the satisfaction and pride of being part of a local civic effort. I sure as hell don't understand why we see the same handful of people show up to work at these things...

And without indulging in too much more sarcasm, even though it's really fun, I will add: to the same people that I see out here enjoying the course several times a week if not every day...I'd love to see you make the effort, set aside the time, realize your part in this, and show up at the work parties. Just put it on the calendar and come work for a couple of hours. Neither the course nor the club is asking that much of you. We see Sunday Weekly attendance average 50 or so players. Work party attendance for the last year or so averages about 10-15 people.

It's a balancing act for me--as the SFDGC president I have (among other things) accepted the responsibility of stewardship for the course. But people get tired of being badgered or bothered or pestered by me to help out. I don't want to jeopardize the fun I have on the course by making a stink and being a nag, which I HATE doing anyway. At the same time I take the position a least seriously enough to realize that 9 people at a work party just isn't enough.

Everybody knows that there are guys who do work on the course irregularly during the week and contribute in other ways. This note isn't directed at them.

So! To ALLLLL of you guys who play the weekly, and Tuesday doubles, and casual rounds all the other days, and DON'T come to the work parties...and to ALLLL of you guys that played ELSEWHERE today instead of showing up at GGP:

Please come to the next work party.

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