Work Party, Saturday, December 4th

This is the place to veiw upcoming work parties and report maintenance issues that need to be fixed on the course.

Work Party, Saturday, December 4th

Postby todd » Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:08 pm

On Saturday, December 4th, the SFDGC will be hosting
a work party to take care of our beloved disc golf course.

If you can volunteer your time on this day please come on
out and join us. We'll be meeting at 8am at Tee #1.

Course will be closed. Lunch will be provided.

We'll also need someone at hole #1 doing some
outreach and disc sales. In past this has been
neglected. We need 1 or 2 people to step up and
commit to this, please. It'll hopefully round up some
more volunteers, keep people off the course and
generate some $$$ for the club while spreading
the good word about DG in SF.

Working list of to dos (not expected to do all of this in one day):

- chipping

- raking and seeding fairways (TBD)

- need to fix the net on Tee 11

- erosion control (see Todd about this)
- - hillside on 5's fairway needs to be reorganized
- - hillside between 11's tee and 12's tee needs
work, something to keep folks from taking the shortcut.
- - 12's hillside on the right.

- fairway design improvements (see Todd about this)
- - the "hip" on 7's fairway needs to be built up with obstacles.
- - the right side of 9b before the office, needs a smaller version
of "Jeffrica" to protect the tree and bring this hole back to
its originally intended design.

- tee signs
- - 5 needs a new cover
- - 16 needs a new cover and dial
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Re: Work Party, Saturday, December 4th

Postby todd » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:29 pm

Just a quick follow up regarding the work party that happened last Saturday.

Turn out was low however we were very productive...

- lots of chipping happened: Holes 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13
- Hole 5's hillside on the left was reinforced and organized to prevent further erosion
- the net on 11 was replaced, mando sign straigtened
- the lower path on 12 was widened and fixed up
- 13's fairway was raked and seeded
- broken tee signs were fixed
- lots of litter pick up
- there was some "mystery work" done to hole 18. if you can guess what it was, Mike Ridley
said he would treat the first person to figure it out to a nice dinner and movie.

Hilites from the day were...

Terry from Kansas City was out there for the majority of the day working on hole 5
with me. I learned he was one of the petitioners to get the original temp course in
the ground.

In addition, we had 4 students from Lowell High School out there lending
a hand earning credit towards a class (and their lunch).

Thanks again for those that volunteered their rainy Saturday to improve the course.
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