Pescadero Creek Mountain Lion Incident

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Pescadero Creek Mountain Lion Incident

Postby todd » Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:02 pm

A reminder for you folks that are out there working on the course from time to time
and for the future golfers visiting the course once its put in the ground...
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Re: Pescadero Creek Mountain Lion Incident

Postby pepe » Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:15 pm

For anyone who remembers, we named each hole after something naturally occurring in Pescadero. One of the holes is called mountain lion. There was never any doubt that the cats are out there. We met with the park director and asked him about it. The man, a former sheriff, was walking at 6:30: the cats main feeding time. He went off trail, heard something in the brush, and bent down on all fours to better investigate. It turned out to be the wrong move. He was in between a mom and her yearling, and getting on all fours threatened the cat. The cat cornered him, and he did use a large stick to ward it away while making a lot of noise. In the end, he was able to make it. But yes the cats are out there, along with a lot of other wildlife. Fortunately, there are well over 8,000 acres in the park alone, making an encounter unlikely, and the cats are normally very shy. While I love the idea of bringing disc golf into a wild place like that (and hopefully help educate people as to why wild areas are important), I have no illusions as to the risk out there. Rattlesnakes are most definitely an issue there too.
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