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Postby Stick » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:27 pm

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the BTC. Todd, course layout was great and very challenging. I didn't live up to my expectations, but sometimes you have one of those days and I enjoyed every minute of it. (Maybe it's because Breazeale wasn't there with his camera yet). And as I always say, a crappy round of disc golf is better than no disc golf at all.
Thanks again for everyones effort to make the 2010 BTC a success.
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Postby todd » Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:55 pm

thanks stick. glad you enjoyed yourself.

i'd also like to tip my hat to all the volunteers that helped out this year. everyone i talked with
were in high spirits (probably from the beer and full bellies). an extra thanks to the bbq staff
for a well managed operation this year.

the overall vibe seemed very positive and less serious than past tournies. i'd like to think this
was because we now have a core group of 50-60 golfers that have gotten to know each other
over the last couple of years creating a family-like atmosphere.

and lastly, thanks to all golfers for being such good sports with the layout. i know some of
the holes were more demanding of your skills than others. i enjoyed the challenge and
hope you guys did, too.

cheers to the sfdgc!
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Postby ben » Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:35 am

I'd also like to extend a huge thanks to all volunteers at the BTC- it was a blast. Would have been nice to see a bit more sun and less nor'east winds, but it's kinda hard to complain when you think about playing a round in, say, Michigan right now 8)

As far as the course was concerned, I really liked the layout - short but tight ruled the day. I particularly loved holes 3(sweet tunnel), 4(beautiful look from the tee!), 8, 9(this tee could also play to the practice basket!), 13, 14(OB really changed this one), "16", and "18".

There were a couple of things that for me weren't as successful - and I say this with full appreciation for Todd et al, I know how much hard work goes into a full course re-layout!

Hole 2 : BunCR rule may be better suited for a true tournament situation, with Am2 and above. By the time my group got to the tee, there were at least 5 groups waiting behind, as a result of players in groups ahead taking numerous(like, 5++) throws to get on to the island. Drop zone for faster play next time?

Hole "15" : The OB behind the hole, extending perpendicular from the walking path, down the hill towards regular 15/16's fairways... nobody in our group knew there was an OB line there. Three of us would have attempted different drives/upshots if we had known. Has it always been there, or is this a recent addition? If it's been around for ages then we're just dumb and I retract this critique. I could have sworn the last time 14C was used, that OB line didn't exist.

I chuckled when I saw hole "15", because I remember from the weekly I ran where I had two baskets in on 14, you saying to me "That would be a sick shot, from 17's tee to 14C"... didn't think you'd actually go for it!
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Postby todd » Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:21 am

thanks for the feedback ben...duly noted.

yes, 2 was tougher than i had imagined and it didn't need to be. if i was to do it again, i would
put a tongue that extends out about 75ft from the tee that you could pitch out to and/or expand
the island. my apologies for that. this was the only hole that i would have liked to have changed.

i've got to give you credit for "15" ben. as you mentioned our conversation from when you TDed
a past weekly, 17 to 14C was inspired by your layout. this was my favorite shot on the course
and was the cornerstone to the second half of the back 9. thank you ben for helping me realize
that. also, the OB behind 14C and to the left of 15 has always been there and marked by peeler
core. many golfers have either forgotten this or don't realize it. it is also on the tee signs.

my favs were 3, 8, 13, "15" and "18".
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Postby pepe » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:41 am

My personal favorites were holes 3 and 5. Each hole had many different ways to get from the tee to the basket. Heck, you even saw me try to roll hole 3. Hole 5 had great choices for any player, but none were easy and of course so many hit the trees and went OB. I happened to get lucky.
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