Next year: Pro and AM weekends

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Re: Next year: Pro and AM weekends

Postby faes » Thu May 07, 2009 12:35 pm

I like the tee-time idea, and i like that you are doing the math to back it up... but I wonder how many people would really be available and excited for a three-day tournament that isn't an A-tier or NT event? From my personal perspective, it has to be a big tournament for me to take out vacation days from work. Although clearly I'd do it for any tournament on my home course. Just not sure that others would. Have any examples of a three-day tournament that's not at least an A-tier?
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Re: Next year: Pro and AM weekends

Postby breazealeian » Thu May 07, 2009 3:43 pm

You definitely have a good point. I don't know if people would or not, hard to say. I just remember hearing a lot of pros bummed out that there was no pro tourni last year considering how much history the safari has. Maybe that would motivate them to take a friday off work this year. I also remember a few years ago some of the top pros in our state were bummed out they didn't get in the tournament because it filled so quick. That makes me feel that the safari is pretty important to a good amount of pros even though it is a B tier. As far as the AM turn out for a b - tier 3 day, I think a lot of locals would take a Friday off. However, I could be totally wrong. I just feel that the safari is not a regular b-tier. ITS A TOURNI IN SF! Maybe we could contact some of the norcal pro's and see if they would enter if it was a 3 day scheduled on a weekend when a big tourni isn't going on going on somewhere else. ( Good luck with that right!) Also, we could get some feedback from the locals on the idea at the weekly. Added cash would be a great motivator too, but I don't know where that would come from, corporate sponsor?
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Re: Next year: Pro and AM weekends

Postby Evrenseven » Mon May 11, 2009 11:16 am

This might be a "Donny, you're like a child entering a conversation halfway through" thing to say but is there no hope of getting a temporary course at McLaren park with some borrowed baskets?
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