Tournament Aces

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Tournament Aces

Postby hrc333 » Wed May 16, 2007 11:59 am

05/13/07 Matt Brenner
11B $281.00

05/20/07 George Ross
3B $34.00

08/05/07 Joe Monforton
8B $533.00
Discraft Surge FLX 169
Backhand Hyzer
Joe says: 'My first weekly, my first ace - pretty great day! It was just your normal high backhand drive that dive bombed into the chains. It's still my only ace and I haven't had a day like that since.'

08/12/07 Ty Gott
11A $69.00
Pink Star TL 174
Backhand Flat Hyzer
Witnessed by Jeff David, Pat W, Brant W
Ty says: 'The disk was taco-ed into the basket. It came in from the side fast and lodged into the frame of the basket; it almost wedged thru. Had to run up and pull it thru but it was in too tight to have fallen out.'

09/02/07 Niko DeVries
10B $71.00

10/28/07 Doug Mitchell
2C $250.00
Powder Blue Star Rogue 175
Backhand Hyzer
Witnessed by Warren Sedar
Doug says: 'It was the virgin flight for the disc. I accidentally left my main Rogue in the car, so had to throw the brand new one.'

11/11/07 Orion Sylvester
18A $106.00
Star Roadrunner 175
Witnessed by Jeff Faes, Scott "Bizzle" Badovick, Jeff Fiedler & Rygel Leone
Orion says: 'First flight of a new disc, errant shot off two trees into the basket.'

11/18/07 George Ross
10B $47.00

12/16/07 Aurelius Lewicki
9B $197.00

12/23/07 Aurelius Lewicki
9B $46.00

01/20/08 Chuck Boyle
11A $188.00
Champion Sidewinder 174
Backhand Hyzer ... although it didn't hyzer a whole lot.
Witnessed by Dave Waisblum, Orion Sylvester, Scott Riley, Jeremiah Steinberg
Chuck says: 'So this was my first ace ever!! All I can say about it was that it was like it was in frick'n slow motion...nothing but chains and everyone on the tee box erupted and then I heard yelling from the 15th tee box as of the best moments I've ever had playing DG!!'

01/27/08 Booth Burrows
2B $50.00
KC Pro Cheetah 172 (that is now lost)
Witnessed by Todd, Tony G.
Booth says: 'This ace was one with low glory. It was a late release and went through the trees to the right of the net, kind of high kicked off a branch and we only heard one chain kind of ring.'

02/10/08 Jeff Faes
7A $94.00
Star Max 175
High thumber over the cypress, bounced left of the basket, up and in
Jeff says: 'Lucky'

03/30/08 Paul Cunningham
2B $356.00

05/18/08 Orion Sylvester
18A $359.00
Star Leopard 175 - one year anniversary stamp
Backhand straight at it
Witnessed by David Waisblum, Chuck Boyle & Scott Snyder
Orion says: 'During the Bay to Breakers'

06/22/08 Patrick Walsh
9A $255.00

07/27/08 Patrick Bohlen
1A $277.00
Star Destroyer 171
One Finger Flick
Witnessed by Mike Newton, Pete Kozz, and everyone waiting to start their weekly round
Patrick says: 'First Ace ever, wasn't even thinking about the money. Too excited for that but it came in handy when I got a big speeding ticket.'

08/31/08 Doug Mitchell
11B $143.00
Red Champion Orc 175
Backhand Hyzer
Witnessed by Warren Sedar
Doug says: 'Nothing but net. The next two weeklies I hit the top of the basket and the next time hit chains left...hated seeing that basket moved...'

09/14/08 Jeff Faes
14B $128.00
Star XCaliber 175
Forehand spike, wedged in the grill of the basket
Jeff says: 'Extremely lucky'

09/21/08 David Waisblum
9B $68.00
Wham-O Putter 171
Backhand Hyzer
David says: 'Flew straight and then banged nothing but solid chains!'

11/23/08 Dan Christensen
9A $517.00

11/30/08 Dan Christensen
2B $78.00

12/28/08 Niko DeVries
1A $253.00

01/11/09 Jesse Hast
16A $133.00

01/18/09 Dino Papagni
10A $71.00

02/01/09 Mike Ridley
18A $135.00
Champion Starfire 175
Backhand straight at it
Witnessed by Dino, Dennis, Orion
Mike says: 'First time disc was used, on my birthday - I called it, the $20 Birthday Ace'

02/15/09 Jeff Faes
7B $109.00
Tie-Dye Leopard 175
Backhand flip up, mild s-turn
Jeff says: 'Nearly silent, nobody knew it was an ace until walking over the hill.'

03/29/09 Chris Kennedy
9B $336.00

04/12/09 Hunt Hyde
9A $115.00

05/31/09 Joel Johnson
13B $384.00
Star XCaliber 174
Witnessed by Mike Ridley, Matt Brenner, Patrick Wood and Dennis Condos; + Andy Leaf from hole 14.

10/11/09 Jabir Ponce
14A $1,090.00
Valkyrie 174
Backhand, low to no arm speed, hard snap, Standing throw, short S turn hit basket right front side at the end of the S turn.
Jabir says: 'It felt good, the release was perfect, the speed looks good, hey it looks like I might hit the basket, looks good. It went went in, IT went in!!!
I just ACED! I just hit my first ace in a weekly, I just hit the ACE POOL! YAH I HIT THE ACE POOL!!!'

12/13/09 David Lackey
2B $543.00

1/3/10 Rob Sindelar
1A (alternate) $158.00

1/24/10 Dave Brownlow
9 (alternate) $64.00

1/24/10 Mark Rozansky
11 (alternate) $64.00

4/17/10 Andy Painter
17A $731.00
3rd Annual Anniversary
Star Katana 169g

5/2/10 Travis Simpson
13C $127.00

5/23/10 Andrew Dickey
18A $160.00

6/20/10 Ron Schreier
14A (alternate) $238.00

7/4/10 Dan Tarango
11B $95.00

8/1/10 Kevin Couch
9B $219.00

8/22/10 Becky Terrill
9A $49.00

12/12/10 Patrick Brown
16A $625.00

3/20/11 Ross Hammond
10B $682.00
162g Star Orc
Witnessed by: Peter Black, Jon Toby & Jason Tindell

4/3/11 Blake Zealear
18A $124.00

7/3/11 Eric Leaf
14A $649.00
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Postby matt brenner » Wed May 16, 2007 12:07 pm

My hands are still shaking.
matt brenner
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Postby mofo313 » Sun Aug 05, 2007 3:05 pm

Landed my first ace today on #8--pretty happy with the decision to try out the weekly for the first time today.

Is it true I have to bring a keg next week?  Might be tough to carry it on MUNI but duty calls I guess.
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Ace Pool contact

Postby crosstoby » Wed Aug 08, 2007 2:54 pm

Hey Mofo---

Give me a call; I've got your ace pool winnings---

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Ty Gott - hole 11A on 8/12/07

Postby Orion » Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:22 am

Ty Gott - hole # 11A on 8/12/07

disc - hot pink star TL

Members in group: Pat Walsh, Jeff David & Orion Sylvester

A great shot from right to left and the disc stuck in the basket.

We heard chears from groups at 12 & 15.  Awesome

Thanks Ty.

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Postby crosstoby » Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:59 am

Nice one, Ty--I will have your ace pool at the next weekly, or you can call me at 510-760-3287 if you're going to be out at the course mid-week.

Jon Toby
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ace 11A 8/12/07

Postby dantarango » Mon Aug 13, 2007 12:15 pm

I was on 12 and the Ace on 11a was fabulous.  What a great shot!! congrats!!
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Postby gkolcun » Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:51 pm

My group was putting on 16 when Ty hit this one...great spot to watch a great ace.  Congrats!
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Just don't focus

Postby jeremiah » Mon Sep 03, 2007 10:26 am

:o Niko Devries smashed an ace on 10b this sunday.  Small payout, but killer ace.  He was directing pedestrians away from the fairway due to the hippiefest, or whatever it was that brought a million tye-dyed Jerry-atrics tromping through tourney on sunday, sprinted back, grabbed a disc, and hurried to throw before the fairway was overrun by the dazed and confused again.  No skip, bounce, or even ever a question of if it was going in.  This is the third time someone in my group has aced 10b.  I'm not playing this hole with other people anymore.  It's getting too expensive.
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Postby Orion » Mon Sep 03, 2007 10:52 am

nice post Jeremiah.  Props to Niko for the Ace.
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Postby gkolcun » Mon Sep 03, 2007 3:24 pm

Ditto to Jeremiah's post.  It was an awesome one to watch.  Niko followed up his performance by hitting the pin with his drive on 14.  When you're on....
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Been a long time coming

Postby Niko » Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:23 pm

I've been throwing a disc for about 15 years and this is my first ace!  yaaahoooooo!  

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wow way to go

Postby dantarango » Tue Sep 04, 2007 9:09 am

Niko, congratulations,  I wish I was there, it must have been spectacular.  And with crowd control.  Awesome!!
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Postby blaise » Wed Sep 05, 2007 11:32 am

Congrats on the Ace, Niko!  Now I wish I would have braved the labor day bridge closure so I could have witnessed it myself.
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What happened?

Postby Niko » Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:01 am

I know there have been aces since mine..

One I have to give a shout and mad props for is Aurelius Lewicki's back to back aces.  Two weeks in a row on hole 9 in tourney play... Wow!

Who Else is out there and not getting listed?  Call them out!
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