Club meeting - June 9th at Club Deluxe @ 7:00pm

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Club meeting - June 9th at Club Deluxe @ 7:00pm

Postby Orion » Sun May 23, 2010 7:26 am

Hey Everyone,

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month we will try to have a meeting or club run event. We are moving the meetings away from tuesday double rounds to get more club members to attend the meetings. We are also going to try to find a new location to meet that works for everyone, this time Club Deluxe.

So with that said the first meeting of the new administration will be Wednesday June 9th 2010 at Club Deluxe starting at 7:00 pm. Please block it out on your calendars if you would like to attend. There will be a agenda of topics to discuss posted on the forum in the days leading up to the meeting.


Meeting location: Club Deluxe, 1509 Haight (at Ashbury)
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