lakeport wrap up

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lakeport wrap up

Postby kimchi » Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:42 am

yo folks,

lakeport was once again the bomb diggy.  it was my first tourney 4 years ago, and i've played every year since.  something special about playing a course steady ed designed way back when.  the whole lakeport disc golf scene is very cool.  blistering heat once again.  mark, becky, and i managed to score the exact same dope azz camp site we had last year.  todd, faes, les, anne, gregg all representing sf along with us at the upper bayview section of the state park.  
the golf was extremely fun as well.
faes was trying to snag that second place spot in open going into the final day... he didn't quite make it, but he still cashed!  dallas albright ran away with it from the very start with a huge lead by the end of round two.
in my opinion the sf achievement of the tourney (golf score wise that is) was gregg la comb moving up to pro masters at the last second cause he was "feeling good" and really held his own tying for 5th place and turning the cash down so he could still play the all AM safari this year.  great to see a homeboy coming up strong!
the achievement of the weekend was definitely anne footin' the bill for all women coming out to play.  this created one of the biggest lady turnouts in tournament history anywhere in the world!  it all started last year when no women were signing up to play the steady ed and anne took matters into her own hands by offering to pay for all goddesses entry fees... it worked last year and just went through the roof this year!  lots of "i love you anne!" being shouted from various holes throughout every round.  
becky didn't cash, unfortunately, but is excited to know she has some serious competition out there to challenge her sick skills.  good attitude!  and now she's just gonna get better because she knows she's gotta... i'm scared!
todd kurnat had a huge comeback from his so so first round... pulling it together and playing solid for the last two rounds and shooting up ahead in the ranks.  
mark played good but didn't cash.
i played crappy... but better than last week :)  putts were good, drives were sometimes wacky and costly.  time to hit the field some more.

adios papacitos y mamacitas
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Postby BeckyT » Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:02 pm

Hells ya Kimchi!!  This tourny was awesome.  You didn't even mention the rope swing ;)  Your final dismount was sick.  I wussed out and didn't give it a try.  I managed not to hurt myself or 6 the last hole....the curse is offically broken.

I totally forgot to mention Gregg's performance (D'OH).  Cashing out in his first pro tourny is HUGE!

Everytime I saw you you had this huge grin on your face.  You get most fun award for sure.  Along with the least sunburnt award.  How someone so white managed not to burn while not wearing a shirt is beyond me.  

What was the name of that brewery we stopped at in Santa Rosa??  Little White Lie, that crazy IPA, and the pizza rocked.

Huge props to Mark for making that crazy drive.  The Fit owns.

I LOVE YOU ANNE!  Best... women's division... ever...
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Postby kimchi » Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:54 pm

my back is certainly crispy!  it's been killing me for 2 days, and now it's starting to blister so... there really is no mystery.

rope swing was one of those lakeport touches.  it feels pretty great rinsing the dust and sunscreen away after a round.  the rope swing is just crazy enough to enjoy a lot!  thanks to faes for talking me into a session!  it was also fun to get in rotation on the kiddy rope swing with all the local kids.

the brewery we stopped at was russian river brewing co.  i couldn't recommend their beer enough!  the pizza is awesome, too.  it really is some of the best beer on the planet, though.  take the downtown santa rosa exit, and it's on 4th and D (something like that).  you won't regret it.
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