2011 Safari Stats

The SFDGC hosts an annual PDGA tournament in August.

2011 Safari Stats

Postby Kevin » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:05 am

Per the GoogleDoc link below:

1) Average score per hole and division
2) Number of birdies, pars, bogeys etc.
3) If best score on hole position was achieved by ten players or less, those players are listed.

'S' = Safari Course
MX (Marx Meadow) This was 9A on the scorecard. Same hole position Saturday and Sunday.
20A + 22A: Same hole position Saturday and Sunday

Holes are ranked by average score for entire field, most difficult to easiest. Before looking, try and guess the five hardest and easiest hole locations.


Final note - only one player managed to butcher 1A and took a five on that stupid hole. Three guesses who that was ...
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