Basket Rotation Schedule

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Basket Rotation Schedule

Postby ross » Thu Mar 01, 2007 7:14 pm

Hey everyone -- below is a basket rotation schedule for the new course. As part of our MoU with the City we have agreed to monthly rotation of baskets but given some of the location of the pins this will clearly not be enough. What follows is an initial plan -- we can revisit this every 6 months (or sooner if warranted).

1. Because of erosion and speed of play concerns the following pin positions will be "tournament only" which *does* include the weekly (so, basically the weekly TD can use whatever pin positions they want as long as they agree to take those out of these specified positions after the last round has been played):

4   C
11 C
12 C
14 C
15 B
15 C
16 C
18 C

2. For all the other positions we will try to rotate the baskets every two weeks.

3. For speed of play reasons during the summer we will have a basic policy on the weekends of not having some of the baskets in the C position and encourage A & B positions. C positions that we will not have on weekends would include:

5 C
8 C
17 C

4. We will all need to monitor wear and tear around the baskets and use the Forum to report problems.
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