watering needed on the course

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watering needed on the course

Postby les swift » Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:48 am

Hey all,

With the rain finally ending, it's starting to get a bit dry out at the course, so if anyone has some time during the week to do some watering at the course, we now have some of the equipment repaired and replaced.
If we could keep a weekly or bi-weekly rotation of the watering throughout the course it would be great.
We currently have two of the large standing sprinklers and two of the hose connection 'spigots', and I'm going to get two more sets repaired/replaced. There are currently four hoses that I've found that are coiled up outside the box at 14. Please consider the following if you would like to help:
1. It's a great excuse to spend a couple hours at the park building good karma... and you can get some practice in while the sprinklers are going.
2. Bear in mind you need to move the sprinklers every half hour or so to avoid creating a river and causing erosion.
3. You will also need to leave yourself time to put away all the equipment so it doesn't get stolen, and put it away properly so it doesn't get broken.

If you would like to help with this, sometime this week we are going to post some instructions, maps, and a notepad to record where watering has been done inside the box on 14. If you don't have the combination to the lock on the box, send Todd or me a message and we'll give you a call.
Thanks - Les
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