work parties leading to Safari...

This is the place to veiw upcoming work parties and report maintenance issues that need to be fixed on the course.

work parties leading to Safari...

Postby les swift » Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:24 am

Hello All,

As the Safari approaches we have some maintenance and repair projects to work on. With time rather scarce for me lately I haven't had the time to really spearhead any efforts, and thanks to those who have been keeping some of the projects rolling (chipping, watering, net repair on 18?). I'll be out of town next weekend, then will need to get some projects underway. Please list any suggestions here for for work that we need to roll with and I'll try to put in my list together today.

les swift
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Re: work parties leading to Safari...

Postby pepe » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:23 pm

Thanks Les,

We need to deal with hole 1's teepad. The idea we've bounced around is to order some peeler core to enclose the tee flush to the paved path. Then we can build a path towards the pins. Joe, the super for our area of the park, has already signed off on this to me personally. While we're at it, we might as well order enough lumber to finish the OB on holes 15-16, completing the work done earlier this year.

Outside of that, there are three other spots on the course that we'll need to deal with.
- off the tee for hole 8, the erosion looks pretty bad.
- off the tee of 11, the erosion going on to the left of the path needs to be dealt with.
- The new trees on 12 need to be weeded, and then chipped. Perhaps we can get the parks to drop off a massive pile of chips at the end of marx meadow?

Both of these could use some plants to create groundcover. If we rope off these areas, irrigate them, then I think the parks will be mighty happy at our efforts and it may expedite our Mclaren plans.
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