Good Technique

This forum is for people who don't pay enough attention when they're throwing a disc, and those that find discs and are good enough to try to get them back to the proper owner.

Good Technique

Postby Tim » Thu Mar 29, 2007 6:19 pm

I strongly recommend using a symbollic image on your discs that identifes you even further than your name, number or email. I usually put my email and my symbol on the disc, the symbol being visible from 10 feet away.

I put a skull and crossbones symbol on all my discs. If you have one with that, it's mine.

This seems to help in the following ways:
1) My friends get my disc from the basket for me. They instantly know it's my disc from either side. On a long day, I have more energy left on the final hole.
2) I can do "coin tosses" and technically call either side "heads" due to the skull.
3) It works similarly to a curse. People that find them are shown the possible outcome if I find them with my disc. It's fair warning.
4) It actually helps if, say, I'm throwing a green disc in a grassy course. It breaks up the color enough to ease finding it.
5) When my tomahawk hits you in the head, and you look down at the disc, you'll feel a strange sense of having deserved it.

Mainly, any old symbol will at least help with #1 and #4, but to come up with a symbol that carries more usefulness is the trick. That's my tip for the day.
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