Lost Disc - $25 Reward

This forum is for people who don't pay enough attention when they're throwing a disc, and those that find discs and are good enough to try to get them back to the proper owner.

Lost Disc - $25 Reward

Postby JsseNics » Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:43 pm

On hole # 7 I lost a 156 Roadrunner, Tie-Dye, (Blue outer w/ a Green inner).
My grandson gave it to me, so it is very special.
I anhyzered it to the right, this side of the tall dead looking tree, about 50 feet from the tee box, went through the tall tree to the right of the dead looking one; this one has lots of green fouliage, from vines growing all the way up.
The disc was about 20 feet up when it went through the fouliage and about a second latter I heard a faint sound as the disc hit something...wasn't a solid, hitting a tree trunk sound, but more of a glancing blow.
I looked for an hour and a half and couldn't find it.
If anyone finds it , I will give a $25 reward for it's return.
By the way, as I was looking, I found a good disc...If you can give me the color, hot stamp and weight, it's yours...
thanks to all...JsseNics
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