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League Stats

Postby Kevin » Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:14 am

Top Scores Updated 7/29/12


- first tab: the best all-time weekly scores of at least 45 (-9).
- second tab: the progression of the all-time record weekly score.
- third tab: all player's personal best scores with a minimum of three weeklies.

Return on Weekly Investment
Updated 3/25/12



Handicap: money received from the handicap system. Weeks 3+, excluding the ace pool.
Raw Score: money from weeks 1+2 when no handicap is in place
HC+RS: Handicap + Raw Score
ACE Pool: The ... ace pool
ALL: sum of HC+RS+ACE

Invest (ALL): The $5 entry fee * weeks played, less weeks with no payment
Invest (ALL-Ace Pool): previous column less the $1 per week that goes to the ACE pool

Net (ALL): ALL - Invest(ALL)
Net (HC+RS): (HC+RS) - Invest (ALL-Ace Pool)
Net (HC): Handicap - Invest (ALL-Ace Pool) + Invest for Raw Score weeks
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