Starting the Weekly Early (when Bill E. is TD)

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Starting the Weekly Early (when Bill E. is TD)

Postby doublejack » Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:04 pm

Life just asked if he can start early this Sunday to make an appointment at noon. (But he asked via Facebook, which I don't actually use, so I can't answer him there.)

My position — for when I'm TD — is that anyone is welcome to start anytime AFTER 7:45 IF: A) there are at least 3 people in your group, and B) you pay the $5 at the turn. IF YOU START BEFORE I GET THERE, YOU PAY IN. If you make it crystal clear to the rest of your group before the first drive of your round that you're not paying, I may make an exception — otherwise, you pay.

But please give me until at least 7:45 to change any baskets or set up mandos or whatever.

I will try my best to be ready to start taking names by 8am because I expect there will be a lot of people, and folks will want to get rolling ASAP. But if you have a group, and a card, and want to roll out at 7:46 or later, feel free.

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Re: Starting the Weekly Early (when Bill E. is TD)

Postby Orion » Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:24 pm

Hey BE can you, better yet do you want to sell club discs tomorrow at the weekly? Lots of folks who missed the Safari will want to get there hands on some of the special stamped discs from the event. I will be out early and hook up with you if you are interested.

For the record, people should wait until the TD is around to start there rounds.

Also there is going to be a quite a few sharks out tomorrow looking to cash in on the 500+ ACE POOL so look out. Let them know if they do not pay they do not get the chomp chomp at the fatty cash.

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