Anyone have a room to rent for the winter??

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Anyone have a room to rent for the winter??

Postby VJenkins24 » Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:08 am

Hey Everyone!

I've been planning on moving outta Ohio for the winter, and I've finally decided I'd love to move to the San Francisco area..

Over the past couple of months, It's been a hassel trying to find a random roommate via internet across country. And the chances of finding a good one are pretty slim..

Anyways, I figured if I was looking for a roommate, why not actually have something great in common with them like Disc Golf.. So what better place to look than here..

So, Here I am! Looking for a room to rent.. I'd love to be close to the course (I'll throw in free lessons! :) haha), and I'm not a baller so I'm lookin for a semi-inexpensive place to live (if there is such a thing in San Fran?)
I'm really only planning on moving out for the winter, so about 6 months, starting this September sometime.. Then I'll be back on the Disc Golf tour come end of Feb

If anyone interested feel free to write me back on here or email me @

Valarie Jenkins *17495
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VJenkins looking

Postby dantarango » Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:21 pm

I know that Scott Bizzle, is looking for a place, maybe you can team up with him.
Lefty Love
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