Visiting from Maui

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Visiting from Maui

Postby mauijet » Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:51 pm

Aloha city dwellers,

Have been checking out the pics of your beautiful new course. Good job on all the hard work.  Coming out to S.F. for a Pat Metheny concert at Yoshi's jazz club next week. Then on Thur. Feb 21 will be checking out the course. Excited to play it.

We had a big storm here on Maui also. Our course took a beating, but is now better than ever after much cutting and draging. The Maui course location is unpublished (since it is on private ranch land) but if you get here, your welcome!
  Aloha, mauijet
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Postby crosstoby » Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:33 pm

If you can get out to the course before about 4PM you'll have a better round...the course can sometimes get a little crowded after that on weekdays.  And if you see any number of fellow golfers out there by the tables or in the practice area, don't be shy---there are lots of friendly players that will be glad to show you around.

Further to that, we sell some nice club plastic and if you're interested ask around for me (Jon Toby) on the course.  I will be happy to show you what we have.

Have fun----

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Postby mauijet » Fri Feb 15, 2008 10:38 pm

Mahalo for the reply,

Yea, I figured a big city course would be pretty busy. We are so spoiled here with a big mountainous course, way outside of any towns, and semi-private. You can still be the only one there on weekdays, but even here, that is becoming less so.

We will be there at G.G. park in the late morning, and have a couple novices in the group. So hopefully we won't slow anyone down.

Here on Maui we have met that Geo dude who's here from S.F.  I saw some pretty sweet golden gate plastic he was carrying, so some club discs would be very cool. Obviously we get lots of visitors here, like you must there.
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