Update forum to PHPBB version 3?

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Update to PHPBBV3?

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Update forum to PHPBB version 3?

Postby Tim » Fri Jan 04, 2008 8:13 pm

Should we update our forum to the latest PHPBB software?  


Here's my summary of main changes:
    Better for search engines.

    Lose ability to use HTML tags in posts, but more flexibility with their content editor which is just like HTML but different tag syntax. <img> is [img /] kinda thing.

    Allows file attachments. (and you can exclude ones that could be bad/harmful).

    Better polls.

    YOu can change your mind and your vote on polls, after people reply with their $.02.

    Custom profile fields.  For example "bag tag held: #1" would be one I might add.

    Custom topic searching

    You can password protect forums, so for example we could have a "McLaren" forum that wasn't public and wasn't such a hassle to give everyone access to.

    Topic sorting, post sorting

    Friends/Foes list. ?

    Founder status/Board Creator

    Easier to design and edit design.

    Instant messaging capabilities.

    XHTML compliant
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