DGL #20 ready for broadcast in San Francisco

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DGL #20 ready for broadcast in San Francisco

Postby Disc Golf Live » Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:28 am

Maybe having a bunch of Nor Cal content will move someone in San Francisco towards facilitating broadcasts of DGL locally.  Why not?  Probably everyone just wants to play some DG, I guess.  

The 20th episode of Disc Golf Live video magazine is heading towards our broadcast partners across the country.  Our television broadcasts will bring disc golf to lots of folks who have never seen the game, and showcase the many facets of our favorite sport for established golfers who are tuning in, as well.  Our Home edition is also available via subscription and at wholesale prices for TDs, Clubs, and retailers.

The episode kicks off with a course tour of Cold Brook Park (Climax, MI) in anticipation of the '08 Worlds centered in Kalamazoo.  There's a piece submitted by Derek Kotval on the San Francisco Safari, a disc golf-themed music video submitted by San Franciscan Paul Aziz, and another unique take on the game of disc golf from the Guardians of Recreation.  There's a piece from the Am side of the '07 Great Lakes Open, which reviews some of the changes coming to PDGA competition next season.  To cap off, there's a look at the action from the closing holes of the '07 USDGC from Rock Hill, SC.  Thanks to Innova, Discraft, and the PDGA for supporting this episode of Disc Golf Live video magazine.

Copies of the show are available at no cost to folks who submit the show to their local community or public access TV station for broadcast.  At most stations, all it takes is a local resident to submit the program DVDs.  Most stations take the discs you'll be sent, or a tape can easily be made from a DVD player as necessary to meet local standards.  Check with your station and find out what you'll need to do to get started, then give me a shout.

Here's a link to many local access stations from across the country:


Best regards to all.

Joe Wander
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Disc Golf Live video magazine
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