The Litter Problem Solved??

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The Litter Problem Solved??

Postby Rasta Style » Thu Jul 12, 2007 3:30 pm

Here’s my hippie, new age, tree hugger solution to the growing litter problem with a twist…

Help keep our course clean and green & you could win a New Disc or a SF Disc Golf Club Membership...

We establish a Maintenance Crew of 10 passionate people who deeply care about the condition of the course.  Count me as one so, we only need nine more. Who’s stepping up??  

What’s in it for the maintenance crew?
each one gets a (black or blue long sleeve tee-shirt/hoodie with

on the front:

SF Disc Golf Club
Course Maintenance Crew  
Thanks for packing your trash!

On the Back:

Please leave our course a little nicer than you found it…

“If you see trash, pick it up.”

Ed (Steady Ed) Hendrick the Father of Disc Golf

A local sponsor for the teeshirts/hoodies would be nice.  

Hey, The Amazing Brian Lee or Danger Dave, would Safari Disc Gear be open to the idea of doing the shirts for us?  Of course you can brand the Safari Logo on the shirts/hoodies guys.

The carrot, the karma and good times too!

How do we get players to take an active part?

Keep plastic bags on the rear of the message board by hole 1 with a friendly note:

Please Help Keep Our Course Clean and Green

Hi, can you help us out for moment?

We was wondering if you would be open to the idea of filling one of these plastic bags with any trash you see on the course?

Go ahead and grab a few extra bags and while you’re playing your round and doing your part when you see anyone carrying a can/bottle or wrapper simply walk up and ask in a friendly sincere tone for them to be part of the solution too.

Every week one lucky person spotted picking up trash by our course maintenance crew members wins a free disc or a club membership and today could be your lucky day.  Not to mention all the good karma too!

Wouldn’t it be cool winning something special just for doing your part to continue keeping our course nice?

Go ahead grab a bag, fill it during your round and drop it off in one of the trash cans in Marx Meadow.  It’s just that simple.  Thanks.

The Clean and Green weekly winners name will also be posted on the website and mentioned at the weekly tournaments too.

Thanks so much for helping out and Good luck!


Remember that repetition is the mother of change. So, the more we do this with kindness and consideration with others the better our course will look.

Well, that’s my far out and totally groovy Summer of Love solution.  What do you think?  Yeah, I know it’s altruistic and has a slightly cheesy feel good contest vibe. But, what else can we do whine and complain, be confrontational and aggressive or maybe an old fashioned public flogging for those who litter might do the trick?  Nah, that’s not it.  Being friendly, compassionate, caring, leadership by example and of course a weekly prize is the way Mon’.

Is this $10.00 a week solution worth it?  You Bet!  Why?  Because it virtually insures more people will take an active part in keeping our course in top condition because it taps into a positive winning way that motivates folks and keep them helping.

Your valued questions, comments, feedback and constructive insights are always welcome.  

Thanks for allowing me to rant –


“One love, one heart, let’s get together and it will be all right”
- Bob Marley
Just recreatin'!  It's a silly game with Frisbees... so lighten up and have fun Mon' :-)
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I like it

Postby litigator » Fri Jul 13, 2007 1:20 pm

I am with you George, I carry a bag and pick up litter around the tee-pads when it is packed and I am waiting to drive. I know cig butts used to be a big problem at De La but now there is an informal contest to see who can fill the most ziploc bags and there is much less litter there these days.
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Postby cowtipn » Fri Jul 13, 2007 2:30 pm

I think it is a great I dea as well. I would also be willing to pick up a case of bags for donation to the cause. I can bring them by on tuesday.
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Postby crosstoby » Tue Jul 17, 2007 12:49 pm

Heck yeah, George...I think your ideas are good and the approach is "right on!"  

This effort, with or without hoodies, but hopefully with hoodies, will do a lot of good---cleaner course, easier work parties because there will be less trash to pick up, goodwill to the local park-using community (and also to the SF Rec and Park folks), and increased awareness of self-policing the course for trash.  (It seems to me that there are is a significant population of players who don't know or get the fact that there are no regular SFR&P garbage/recycling sweeps.)    

So far out, hippy rasta style dude.  If it's groovy to take action for a cleaner course, then I'm hip to that.  It's a Stone Groove, my man!  


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