Meeting Notes from April 29th, 2007

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Meeting Notes from April 29th, 2007

Postby hrc333 » Wed May 02, 2007 9:33 am

On April 29th, the San Francisco Disc Golf Club held it’s first club meeting at the new course.  Around 25-30 club members attended and discussed the future of the club.  Below are the minuets from this meeting:

Meeting of the San Francisco Disc Golf Club
April 29, 2007

History & Purpose of the Club

A brief history of the club was given.  A huge thank you went out to Greg Quiroga & Ross Hammond, whose patients and persistent during a ten year struggle resulted in the Golden Gate Disc Golf Course.  It was also noted that both Greg & Ross are stepping down out of leadership positions in the club.

Treasury Report: Rob Byers thinks we have around $2000 in the treasury. We are estimating at needing another $2000 in supplies for the upcoming work party. This leaves the club treasury at $0!!!  We do have some disc inventory that will be used to rebuild the treasury.

Committees:   We then discussed forming 5 committees that will be in charge of the different areas that the club will continue to focus on in the future.  We are creating e-mail lists for each committee.

Maintenance: (Headed by Les Swift)  This committee will oversee the upkeep of the GGPDGC.  They will organize the work parties, discuss how to deal with ongoing maintenance issues, etc.

Outreach: (Headed by Anne Farrell & Pat Walsh)  This committee will work at organizing programs for kids and the community.  They will work at sharing both the love of disc golf with the community as well as educating new players on the etiquette of the game.  

Merchandise/Fundraising: (Headed by Jon Toby & Jeffery Bowling)  This committee will be in charge of keeping money coming into the club.  The main focus will be disc sales & exploring ways to make club discs available to the public. This included organizing, ordering, explorer new ways to sell discs in the city, etc.  This is also where membership drives will be organized.

Tournament:  (Headed by Scott Snyder & Rob Byers)   This committee will be in charge of competitions. This included the Sunday morning weekly handicap tournament and the Safari.

Expansion:  ?  This was discussed in great detail.  There is a general consensus that the SFDGC should be pursuing a new 18 hole course in McLaren Park.  It was agreed that the club would organize a committee to pursue this expansion.  The club is going to put together a proposal for a temporary 18 hole course in McLaren to evaluate the viability, community support and course design issues.

Other items:

Work Party:  We set a work party for May 19th.  We will give one disc to anyone who works at least 4 hours.  We will close down the holes we are working on during the work party.  Area to be address at the this work party:
The hillside on 12 & 14.  We are planning to put in 3 sets up stairs going up the hill.  We will define the path coming down from 14 with peeler cores and reinforce it like we did on 17.  We will have 3 sets of stairs coming down from the pins for 14 to the path that runs down the hill.  We also have more pins to chip, a few more trails to define and signage to hang.

Rob spoke about getting the club more involved in the Safari.  Rob asked for specific help on generating art work for the Safari as well as setting up the baskets on the weekend of the Safari.  There was also the suggestion to work on better branding of the Safari with the SFDGC.

Course Suggestions:
Trash Cans:  The idea of trying to get trash cans on the course was brought up.  This was discussed and decided against because of the damage that garbage truck would do to the course.  We will continue to work on educating people to pack out anything they bring in.
Practice Basket:  The idea of getting a putting basket was put forth.  A few areas was discussed.  It was decided that the best area for this is between holes 4 & 9.  This will be asked for at the 6 month walk through with the city.
Pin Location Marker: We are going to order small green circles with the pin locations on them to place on the tee signs to let people know which pin the basket is currently in.

The meeting ended with people who are interested in getting involved in one of the committees signing up for the different e-mail lists.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SIGNING UP FOR ONE OF THE COMMITTEES, PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT with your name, e-mail address and which committees you are interested in.  There is no better time than now to get involved with the San Francisco Disc Golf Club.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the meeting.  There is a ton of energy in the club right now and it was great to see so many new people attend a club meeting.  The course looks great and the club is growing quickly.  I am extremely excited to be a part of it.

Jeffery Bowling
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