A Message From Your Outgoing President

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A Message From Your Outgoing President

Postby snyderman » Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:31 am

A Message From Your Outgoing President

The San Francisco Disc Golf Club held a meeting on May 23 to elect new officers for the upcoming year. Sean Jack volunteered to take on the role of president; he was nominated, seconded, and elected unanimously to the position. Dennis Condos volunteered to take on the role of vice president; he was nominated, seconded, and elected unanimously to the position. Pat Walsh volunteered to take on the role of secretary; he was nominated, seconded, and elected unanimously to the position. Rob Byers remains the SFDGC Treasurer.

Volunteerism sustains the SFDGC. From the first weekend I walked out onto the temporary course in late June, 2005 and saw a work party taking place on hole one, and up through our most recent meeting at Cafe Zephyr, I see that the spirit of the volunteer is clearly the lifeblood of our club and our efforts. There is a great deal of power and energy that comes when a group of like-minded individuals commit to something they're passionate about. Many of us feel passionate not just about playing disc golf, but playing disc golf here, at the course at Marx Meadow. We are a tangible part in the history of Golden Gate Park; building this course, and our stewardship of this beautiful place that means so much to us, is our club's legacy.

What we've accomplished in Golden Gate Park is nothing short of historic. To have transformed the area around Marx Meadow from what we all know it was, to what it is now, is a wonderful and amazing thing. To have done so alongside one another--the talented, determined members of the SFDGC—has changed the lives of many of us. I am one of many who walks through the course nearly every day with the pride of shared, communal accomplishment, and an undiminished sense of awe for the beauty of our gem of a disc golf course.

As outgoing president, and ongoing volunteer, I am enormously proud to be member of this club. I’m honored and humbled by the support and the kindness of the hundreds of people for whom disc golf in San Francisco matters so much. I have tried to let what is best for the course guide any decisions I have made, and any directions in which I have tried to steer our efforts. Most of what's taken place to make the course what it is right now has been thanks to the hard work of others. I can enjoy the credit of having been part of it, but I defer to the work of the club members who have made the GGP course what it is today.

Continuing the line of dedicated volunteers taking on a leadership role, Sean Jack will be a great president for the club. He's honest and straightforward, energetic, tuned in to what's going on at the GGP course, well-organized...and he is a pretty decent disc golfer, too. (The club gets a real upgrade there...) The San Francisco Disc Golf Club is fortunate that he, along with new officers Dennis Condos and Pat Walsh, are willing to serve in these roles. Please thank these good guys for stepping up next time you see them.

I hope that the hard work being done to build a new course in McLaren Park brings out new players to that course who come to love it like I love the course here in Golden Gate Park. It is truly one of the great priveleges in my life to be part of this community. Thank you for being there for me, and for your understanding of how fortunate we'll be to play a round tomorrow with our friends at Golden Gate Park.

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