An apology from the Orion Sylvester current SFDGC president

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An apology from the Orion Sylvester current SFDGC president

Postby Orion » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:43 pm

Dear fellow SFDGC members and members of the McClaren community,

I’d like to take responsibility for my actions and apologize for something I said last night at the McClaren community meeting. Not only should I not have said that dog walkers should find another park in which to walk their dogs, in all honesty and truthfulness, the words I spoke are totally inconsistent with my true thoughts and feelings. Although it’s no excuse, public speaking does not come easy for me and in the heat of the moment I lost my train of thought and blurted out a statement that I regretted the minute it came out.

What I meant to do at the end of my speech was to express my belief that the dog walkers and disc golfers should be able to coexist in the part of the park designated for our new course.

Orion Sylvester
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Re: An apology from the Orion Sylvester current SFDGC president

Postby ggoss3 » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:49 pm

Thanks, Orion.

To me, and the friends I was with, it seemed like you were merely trying to express your thoughts about a certain level of hypocrisy the 'Save Mclaren' folk were displaying. Unfortunately, it's easy to see how that was misconstrued, and ultimately not as productive as you had hoped. I think, regardless of those statements, the SFDGC did a fine job of expressing the point that co-existence is more the possible, its probable. We've all seen disc golf live in harmony with other forms of park recreation, and I have no doubt that the same will happen in Mclaren Park.
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