SFDGC 10% discount at the Purple Skunk

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SFDGC 10% discount at the Purple Skunk

Postby PURPLESKUNK » Fri Apr 09, 2010 1:32 pm

Hi SFDGC members!
Just a reminder to let you know that we give members a 10% discount on their purchase (excluding club discs) at the Skunk. Club disc sell at the same price as the club. Members MUST BRING their bag tag to show proof of being a 2010 member. There are a lot of SFDGC posers so if you're true to the club...flash us your bag tag with pride!

For those that are not members, we do sell memberships at the Skunk so feel free to sign up.

For those who are not members, but would like to jump on the 10% bandwagon, show us a "same day" receipt from any of our local neighborhood shops in the radius of 15th Avenue to 25th Avenue and Clement to Geary Blvd. We support all small business in the Richmond hood and we have a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, delis, grocers etc. to choose from.

Thanks for your loyal support. We love you guys!
Lizzie and the PS Crew
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