San Mateo County Parks Meeting

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San Mateo County Parks Meeting

Postby Stick » Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:12 pm

Peter and I are going to give a short presention with the Parks Director to the Parks Commission on Thursday. This is not the meeting that we need to have disc golfers attend. According to the PD, this is just something we need to do just to not step on toes. We will tellthe commission what our commitment is. Then the PD will tell the PC that he believes disc golf is a great fit for their parks, benefits the community, etc. Then in his words he's going to tell them that "JSP is a great place for our FIRST course."
Basically if the PD tells them it's a great idea, they tell us to get the ball rolling. That means we will have a series of community meetings where we will need all of our friends. Then we go (with the parks director) before the Parks Board of Directors who decides if we build the course.
The parks director doesn't see anything really in our way to get this done. If you were planning on attending please save your off days till we need you most. We'll keep everyone posted.
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Re: San Mateo County Parks Meeting

Postby pepe » Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:37 pm

The commission meeting went very well. The park director gave us a
very nice introduction and explained disc golf in general terms that
the commission could understand. Then Stick and I got up and spoke
about details. The commission asked a number of good questions, which
I think we answered well. In the end, they motioned for us to move
forward on JSCP. Next step seems to be a series of neighborhood/
community meeting where it would be great to have some disc golfers
show up and be heard. We will let everyone know when and where these
will be when we find out ourselves. For now, be stoked that we're that
much closer to getting San Mateo County's first disc golf course!
Thanks to Les Swift who showed up!
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