Nice layout for the Weekly!

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Nice layout for the Weekly!

Postby Colin Sanders » Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:11 pm

I just wanted to thank everyone how helped to set up this weeks bag tag! Very fun and creative on the front 9, I know that a lot of people had their ego bumped up by it, The back nine complemented the front nine very well. Very creative with hole 14 (Wish I had that shot over again). And you got to love hole 17 and 18 too. Thanks Sean Jack and all those who helped! We have a great community of Disc Golfers! :D
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Re: Nice layout for the Weekly!

Postby 7doubleP » Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:08 pm

I totally agree! That was awesome. Thanks to all! :D
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Re: Nice layout for the Weekly!

Postby Orion » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:52 am


A great example of why you should all go out and sign up to be a TD for the weekly. Sundays layout was great, first time the permeant course was played backwards in a weekly. So props to Sean Jack for taking the time to put together a weekly that tested everyone on every shot, that is what it all about. Each tee pad was prepared well, raked and with flags, signs pointing the way to the next tee, good use of TK's BTC signage. I think we saw a couple of aces, lots of new looks at some of the baskets and a general good vibe out there.

There is a but in this, every TD needs to think about pedestrians, erosion and safety issues when putting together a weekly layout. Also this type of layout is not possible during the spring and summer months when the general public is out and about in the park and playing DG on our course. If you had people trying to play the course when the weekly was playing backwards you would have a mess on your hands. With more than 75 on average coming out to play the weekly you have to take in to consideration when planning unique layout.

As a past and present TD i have taken some, ok a lot of abuse for planning wacky layouts for the weekly. I really want to continue to see great, though out, layouts for our weekly. We have a great course, great members and lots of Sundays to come, so lets keep our eyes and ears open.

Again PROPS to SJ for a dope layout! i think i had 4 bogies, a 5 and a 6! yeah

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Re: Nice layout for the Weekly!

Postby joegraham » Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:06 pm

I also loved the layout. Lots of birdie opportunities, and lots of trouble at the same time. I had 7 birdies for my 51. It was interesting to see the baskets from a new perspective. I couldn't picture the terrain there from the new tees and had to look close for landing spots around the baskets. Learned a lot more about the course.Very creative use of our space. Mucho props out to the TD and helpers. I saw them on Saturday setting up and had to play. Glad the weather was good. Really cool shot over the pond/lake/puddle!. Saw a tommahawk stuck vertical in the ground right on the edge of the water. Hope he made the putt! Throwing up the path to #3 was tough with pedestrians. Shouldn't do that in the future. When I saw flags on the concrete pad next to 10 tee, I thought that was to shoot back to #9 basket. Coulda used that pad for both 9 and 10!
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Re: Nice layout for the Weekly!

Postby quigong » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:22 pm

HOT LAYOUT!!!!So much fun, felt like I was at a different course. Thanks again to Sean for putting in the thought and energy it takes to make the weekly stand out from the normal.
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Re: Nice layout for the Weekly!

Postby doublejack » Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:14 pm

You know this is one of only a few weeklies I've missed in more than a year, right? I hate you all.*

*I don't really hate you all.**

**I'm just jealous.†

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