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PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:33 am
by ben
I tried searching for an existing thread, but couldn't find one, so I thought I'd start a new one.

Scott's thank you post on the BTC mentioned that Jeffery et al. are continuing to move forward with McLaren, and I can't help but be curious and ask how it's going and where we're at in the process.

I wasn't able to pitch in with GGP construction, so I am eager to make amends when it comes time this year (hopefully!) to install a new course. Thanks to all who are involved and have been involved in making a second SF course a reality!

Re: McLaren

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:35 pm
by pepe
Ben, glad you're enthusiastic about building a new course. We will need as many volunteers as we can muster if everything goes our way. At this point, the city has the initial design for the Mclaren course. I'd imagine that an official walk through will be forthcoming. Then, the idea needs to be vetted with the local community. There will likely be a series of community meetings where people can be informed of the planned course, and where they can voice their support or otherwise. Since these are public meetings, I'm certain that the club will let everyone know, and will request our presence there.

Scott also mentioned a second effort going on, and that is a bit south in San Mateo county. We are working with that county's park and rec department on a new course in a wonderful park 20 minutes from GGP. Right now, we're submitting a proposal as well as a draft design.At this point, we don't know how long it might take to get the go ahead, but we're hoping that it can be expedited since the course will be on a trial basis.

So that would actually make for two courses, within 15 minutes of eachother, hopefully upcoming in 2010. :mrgreen: