Would you like to help the Mission Boys & Girls Club?

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Would you like to help the Mission Boys & Girls Club?

Postby snyderman » Fri May 29, 2009 8:30 am

The Mission Boys & Girls Club are going to bring the kids to the course on June 24th, midday around noon.

Are there any club members that would like to help teach the kids about the sport?
Also give a little talk about respecting the environment and course rules.

These types of opportunities of working with groups in SF is very beneficial to the Club in the long run.
Every time a group comes to us and asks for our help it's a chance for the Club to shine and gain the backing of other non-profits in the city.

They are also willing to make a donation to the club.

So if you think you can represent the club in a good way and want to have fun teaching kids
the sport we all love, then please email me at sridley27@yahoo.com and I will coordinate with you.

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