Sunday's weekly paid vs. not

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Sunday's weekly paid vs. not

Postby Stick » Wed May 13, 2009 2:59 pm

When I ran the weekly there were a few decent golfers who didn't want to pay. When I looked at last weeks scores one of the same guys didn't pay and would of cashed.(but didn't) I think that if you don't pay you shouldn't get your score published or have a handicap established. For that matter if you don't pay you don't play in the weekly. Or let some one play with a group in the weekly thats not scoring for the weekly. I pay every week and I know that after a while with my handicap I'm not going to cash but I still pay 1) for the club and 2) in case I ace.(even though I'm still jobless) If a guy doesn't pay he shouldn't be in consideration for end of season standings. Or do we already have a rule for that situaton. I know you have to play in half the weeklies to be eligible but how about paying for half the weeklies.
FYI-when my friend was visiting from Georgia he paid even though he didn't have too.
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Re: Sunday's weekly paid vs. not

Postby Kevin » Fri May 15, 2009 10:16 pm


The first two weeks of a season, when the raw score determines the payout, I can understand the logic of not paying if you're an beginner/intermediate player competing against advanced/pros. Same goes for new players coming in mid-season when establishing their handicap and they cannot get a payout. Beyond that if there was a noticeable trend of a player consistently not paying then yes I would support making that player ineligible for season-end awards, e.g.
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