Big up to Stick! 4/19 weekly set up!

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Big up to Stick! 4/19 weekly set up!

Postby Billym » Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:03 pm

Just wanted to thank Stick for TDing but more for his creative, challenging fun set up.
Those bushes on the side of #10 LONG have a whole new meaning. I saw some heinously bad lies from loose drives.
#2's tee was well it was F**ked up! But in a good way. I wish there was a modest rhbh hyzer route there out over the path to #2B....
I think you may have given up a local's secret with #5's mando; that's a sweet route.
11 "D" rocks.
I think I like the flow of 14-17-18-16-15.
Any way I have a few disaster holes but I had a ball.
Thanks Stick.
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Re: Big up to Stick! 4/19 weekly set up!

Postby Stick » Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:14 pm

Thanks, Every course I play I look for little things that could be tweaked. I do have a few words of advice for people who run the weekly. I typically play in one of the first groups in the morning so it didn't occur to me how crowded things got by the time the last group plays. In hind site I would not have moved the tee for 10. Too much foot traffic.
The other thing was playing the last four holes out of order. With all the groups of non weelkly players behing us there could have been a disaster. But realizing my error I had my card and the group in front play in correct order. That allowed for an overlap of only weekly players on 15 and 16. The last group to play 17,18,16,15 tee'd after us on 15 for their last hole. Not disrupting the already snails pace we were playing at.
One last thing, if a person is not playing in the weekly, he's not allowed to play with a group that is. The group in front of us actually picked up 2 fiends along the way.
I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge.
FYI=I shot a 49 and didn't birdie any hole I tweeked.
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Re: Big up to Stick! 4/19 weekly set up!

Postby doublejack » Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:05 pm

Yeah, thanks again Stick.

I thought the layout was great, and I could tell a lot of thought went into it.

But you're right — keeping things moving as the day wears on and non-weekly players start showing up is a consideration. If I'd known Easter Sunday would have been as crowded in the park as it was, I might not have used any 'D' positions.

That's the only real "cost" to being TD, I've found. It's an easy and mostly fun job — and a great way to meet people and contribute to the club — but taking 3 hours to get through your round can be a little taxing.
Well done is better than well said. - Ben Franklin
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Re: Big up to Stick! 4/19 weekly set up!

Postby dantarango » Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:25 pm

Hence, why the weekly should start at 7:30/8:00 am, and the last group out by 10:00 am. This way we can assure that the last group can get to the back 9 before all crap breaks loose from the yocals. Don't get me wrong i love that the yocals come to play, it builds our sport and gains interest with every new player that plays. He/She will tell a friend and the chain starts, but we need to gain some kind of control on the Sunday weekly. We need to, or should consider a sign posted at the 1st tee box, not the map sign/mailbox area but a small sign that states the weekly on Sundays and the hours it runs, and about common courtesy. It would be a bonus to many people for at least five reasons.
1) It would let people that don't know about the website or people that are new and want to get involved, as to when the weekly is.
2) As people play they will see that their is organized play, and they might want to join. And now they know how to get started.
3) As people bring other people or people that just moved here, get to the course they get pointed to the 1st tee, let them know what up.
4)If the hours of the weekly are posted, after awhile the non league players will know that is is smarter to come after a certain time.
5) it will eventually help with the traffic.

I cant make the meetings, as i cook at night, but I would like to get involved and help better the course and club, for all!
The beginners are what we were when we first started, we have to give them some leeway. But we must also let them know what is up on Sunday mornings, and the hours of restricted play that occurs on the Weekly Sundays. If more people know of the Sunday situation then eventually the problem will be minimized to almost nil.
All it will take is a simple sign, One weekly, preferably a non tournament week(more players) have the fee raised one(1) dollar, and then the signs cost is covered, because the club members will gladly cover the cost for such a need.

So that is my thought.

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