bizzle spring cleaning sale

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bizzle spring cleaning sale

Postby bizzle » Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:13 pm

hey hey, after years of playing amateur, i gotta lot of crap from tournaments and i live in a very small apartment, and i'm broke...
i have for sale:
1 red innova skillshot basket $60 great lightweight basket, improve them puts!!
1 innova mini disc catcher $40 full sized metal mini basket, some rust spots on the top part, i left it out one night :(

i have a whole bunch of plastic that i need to get rid of, too. i'll try to be out on the course selling, but if you need some cheap plastic, let me know!! i have new dx, champ , star and some collectable stuff as well as used ...

2005 yellow windthrop 177g champion roc, thrown but great condition. $25 the sell for new on ebay for 65
red esp xl with a delaveaga gold stamp and signed by world champ nate doss $15 new
greenish yellow 170g cfr destroyer vintage cup stamp $15 new
2005 masters cup greenish yellow cryztal challenger $15 thrown
red 173-178g cryztal buzz $12 thrown has black "biz" written in marker
yellow ce firebird. good condition, some discoloration, stamp isn't perfect, no pen marks $15
2005 cfr starfire with the 05 safari stamp salmon color 175g stiff and stable stamp faded $15
2007 crf t-rex x with safari stamp. cool marbled orangey color 172g $15 new
2008 cfr glow TL 175g one stable biscuit..$15 new
2009 sf bag tag challenge BLACK kc pro avaiar with red offset foil stamp. 4 were made, one is one my wall $15

****$$10 all discs below 10$$***
i have 2 new rouges, one stairway to heller stamp, one 08 otter open, both white
i new orange masterscup08 maxweight shockwave,
5 new aftershocks all max weight 4 yellow, i orange(dga's newest disc, think shockwave with more glide),
2 proline max weight destroyers w tourney stamps, socal champs and us masters 07
hot pink marbled marx meadow hammer and cycle stamp175g orc
yellow flx avanger ss coyote classic stamp173g
168g ice blue champion wraith
2008 norcal championships 175g yellow champ leopard
2008 norcal championships 175g orange champ roadrunner
172g white star xcaliber
175g orange 2009 icebowl dx avair new
175g star avair yellow with indian summer stamp
***all discs above were 10$$***

plus i have tons of used stuff for 5 dollars,
like dx, 5 beat putters, 1 seasoned kc roc, an old ce leopard, some used rouges, some berkeley swampmonsters etc...
decent stuff, not crap..
thanks for looking!!
you can get a hold of me at or 9513239646
I Heart Beagles!"
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Re: bizzle spring cleaning sale

Postby bizzle » Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:10 pm

i sold my skillshot basket, thx for everybody that looked!! i'll be on the course on sunday selling crap if you saw anything that you wanted...all the money is going to cover my tournament expenses, thanks for supporting!!!
I Heart Beagles!"
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