Info on construction and volunteering

This is the place for all background information on the course construction, a list of material needs, a place to let us know what skills and contacts you can provide, and related discussion regarding the construction of the Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course."

Info on construction and volunteering

Postby saucywench » Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:37 am

Here's some general info about the course construction and volunteering:

The course is being built by all volunteer labor, with work parties on the weekends starting at approximately 9am. We provide breakfast and lunch, water, snacks, etc. We have many of the basic tools we need, though if you have construction equipment and skills, or connections to such, let us know, we might give you a call to help out on a particular project.  We have a Volunteer Incentive Program, where we keep a record of volunteers and hours worked, with the time going towards free discs, towels, shirts, and other goodies, as well as earning tickets for a raffle at the grand opening, with the grand prize being one of DGA's newest line of pro baskets. Where we will be meeting and signing in volunteers will be posted on the course sign near hole one -there's a map of the course on the forum:

The plan is to have work parties every weekend until the course is done. Severe weather and holidays are possible exceptions to this. If you have questions, or want to confirm that there's something going on for a particular weekend, feel free to email or call Anne
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