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McLaren Park Bond Support Email
May 19, 2012

Dear San Francisco Disc Golf Member:
As many of you know, we are moving forward with our plans for a second disc golf course in San Francisco.  This one will be located in McLaren Park.  As we move forward in this process, it is important that we demonstrate to the community around McLaren Park that we want to be good stewards of the park.  One way we can do that is to take time and help advocate for this great park.

McLaren Park is the second largest park in San Francisco yet has been neglected by the city for decades.
This year there will be a bond measure on the ballot and decisions will have to be made about where that money will be allocated.

Please join all of us who love McLaren Park by writing to the City and demanding that a majority of the funds from the upcoming bond measure be devoted to helping repair and maintain McLaren Park.
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Thanks for your help!
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