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Disc Golf in McLaren
March 24, 2010
Hi everyone,
Well we have exciting news about the McLaren Disc Golf course. San Francisco Parks & Rec Department & the San Francisco Disc Golf Club have agreed upon a preliminary layout for the McLaren Park Disc Golf Course. This is an amazing layout that includes a full 18 hole course with a wonderful variety of holes. There are a few wide open 500+ foot holes, a few tight and technical holes, lots of elevation changes and great views of San Francisco. This is a course that will challenge even the best players and is sure to become one of the premiere courses in the bay area.
Before we can move on to drafting an MOU with the city and start the actual construction of the course, we need to present the layout to the community. There is a general misunderstanding of disc golf in the community surrounding McLaren Park and thus there is a small but vocal opposition to the construction of the McLaren Disc Golf Course. Therefore these meetings will be very important to demonstrate to the city that there is a strong demand for disc golf in San Francisco. Up to this point, they have only been hearing opposition to the course. I have done my best to convince them that there are hundreds of disc golfers that are very excited to see the McLaren course completed. Now is the time to prove this to them.
April 10th 1pm at the parking lot of the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park: Course Walkthrough – We will have a walkthrough in McLaren Park of the purposed layout. This is a great chance to come out and see the planned course layout. But also, this is a meeting that will be attend by many members of the community who are opposed to the course and thus we need to have a large contingency of people who are excited by the layout.
April 20th 6:30-8pm at Crocker-Amazon Clubhouse (In McLaren Park near the corner of Italy & Moscow): Community Meeting This is the big meeting. This is a meeting to discuss Disc Golf in McLaren Park. I will give a presentation about Disc Golf in San Francisco and the course in McLaren park. We will then hear from the community about reaction to the purposed plan. It is important that the Parks Department hear many more positive responses than negative ones. Thus it is extremely important for the future of disc golf not just in McLaren Park but in all of San Francisco, that there are a huge number of disc golfers at this meeting. If you play disc golf in San Francisco, this meeting is a must attend event.
Since it is so important to have a big attendance to these meetings, it is critical for us to have an idea of who plans to attend. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey below. (Only 5 questions) Also please forward this to anyone you know who plays Disc Golf.
We will also be doing phone trees before the events to remind members to attend. If you can help make 10 calls in the days leading up to each of these meetings, please let me know and I will add you to my list.
Assuming we get an excellent turnout at both of these events, I believe we will be starting construction on McLaren Park by the end of the summer.
Extremely excited,
Jeffery Bowling

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