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Club Update: Jan 2008
January 23, 2008

As 2008 begins, there is plenty of news from the San Francisco Disc Golf Club. Here’s an update on some of the things that are happening and what we have coming up.

The year 2008 started with a bang for the San Francisco Disc Golf Club. On the first Sunday of the year, the SFDGC hosted our first ever bag tag challenge. Over 120 club members came out to the course to renew their membership for 2008. We also had a good number of people become members for the first time. We sold close to $1500 in discs as well, which brought our one-day total to just under $7000. Even after we paid for food, beer, bag tags and discs, we brought in over $5000 for the club. This is an amazing one-day total, and a huge thanks goes out to everyone who came out and made this event a huge success. This money is a great start for the fundraising we will need to do to see a second course in San Francisco.

I also would like to thank Orion Sylvester, Peter Black, Jon Toby & Rob Lavender for all their help in organizing the event. Rob’s company “Grateful Dent” also provided the beer for the event, so if you have a dent you need to take care of, see Rob.

If you were unable to make the bag tag challenge, you can still renew or join for 2008. If you were a previous member and want to renew, simply find your name on the Members page and click the renew link by your name. If you have never been a member, now is a great time to join. You can sign up at the SFDGC Join Page.

In early December, we had our first official walkthrough with the city since the course has opened. It was a very positive meeting with a few items worth noting. We now have permission to install a practice basket. We will be installing the basket at our Feb. work party (see below for more details.) We also made a request to receive more regular shipments of wood chips. If you have been out on the course lately, you’ll notice we’ve been receiving these. (A huge thanks to all those who have been taking the time to distribute these out on the course.) Finally, we made arrangements to receive 200 plants from the city to be planted at the Feb. work party.

We will be having a club meeting on January 24th at 7pm. The meeting will be at the Zephyr Cafe (3643 Balboa Street @37th Street). Everyone is welcome to attend and if you are interested in getting involved with disc golf in San Francisco, here is your chance. We have lots of items to cover at this meeting:

-Course work party
-Planting of plants from the city
-Bag Tag Tournament recap
-2008 Safari planning (It’s important that we start on this now.)
-A second course in San Francisco

If you have any other items you would like to discuss, please come to the meeting and there will be a chance for people to bring up other issues. I hope that we will see many of you there next Thursday.

We will be having a work party on Feb. 9th starting at 8am. This will be a huge work party, as we will be working with one of the city gardeners to get 200 plants planted. We will also be installing the pin for the practice basket, as well as dealing with numerous other small issues that need to be addressed on the course.

As always, the course will be CLOSED during the work party. This allows the people who are taking the time to volunteer the freedom to work on the course without fear of getting hit by a disc. We will open the course after the work party, which may be late in the afternoon because of all the planting that needs to be done.

If you are unable to make next Saturday, remember we will now be having regular work parties on the first Saturday of even numbered months. This means the next work party will be April 5th.

Once again I want to thank everyone who has already become a 2008 member.

Jeffery Bowling
SFDGC President

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