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Nov. Meeting
November 14, 2007

SFDGC Meeting
Nov 13th. 2007

6 Month Walkthrough with the city
Will contact city for Walkthrough ASAP
Items to discuss with city at walkthrough:

  • Plants
  • Practice basket
  • Sign on hole 2 (explaining this is a volunteer effort, pack your trash, etc.)
  • Erosion prevention on 11, 12 & 14
  • Regular woodchips

Course Maintenance Issues
Regular Work Parties

1st Saturday of even months 8am-1pm

Regular Work Parties

  • 1st Saturday of even months 8am-1pm
  • Course will be closed
  • Club will meet 2 weeks prior to discuss issues to be addressed at work party

We also discussed numerous specifics on areas of concern with the course, including using tree screens in other areas on the course.

2008 Memberships
$40 for 2008 Membership

  • Includes $2 off plastic for the 2008 calendar year
  • 2008 bag tag

Bag Tag Tournament:

  • Sunday Jan 6th
  • Start between 8:30-11:00 am
  • Peter Black & Orion Sylvester are TD’s
  • BBQ to follow around 2pm
  • Weekly Ace poll will roll into as well as $1 from entry
  • Entry $40 membership
  • No payouts only bag tags
  • Will mail bag tags to those who can’t stay

Pat Walsh will continue to explore different outreach opportunities. Pat will also contact Ross and get demo items and donate some of these materials to George Washington High School PE dept

Disc Sales
Been doing well and have a good inventory of discs currently.
Discussed other ways to offer discs: Boat House; approach convenient stores close to course.

2008 Safari
We will begin to plan the 2008 Safari near the beginning of the year. Need to get more commitments from club members to help organize the Safari.

It was discussed and agreed we could raise the money and get the manpower to build McLaren. Jeffery agreed to work on putting together an MOU to take to the city around the 1st of the year.

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