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Club Meeting: Sunday April 29th – 1pm
April 18, 2007

Club Meeting
April 29th 1pm
Marx’s Meadow (The Course)

We will be having our first club meeting at the Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course. This will be an important meeting as we will discuss the future direction that the club should take. For the last 10 years, the San Francisco Disc Golf Club has been primarily focused on getting a disc golf course in San Francisco. As you may have heard, we have succeed in this goal!!!! It is now time to come together as a club and decided what our future focuses will be. If you have never attended a club meeting, this would be a great first meeting to attend. If you have a suggestion for the course, this is the time and place to bring it up. If you want to get involved in the ongoing course maintenance, this is the place to come and volunteer.

Discussion on the structure of the club now that Ross & Q are stepping down.
We will now be organizing the club by committees. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the club, please consider volunteering for one of the following committees.
Course Maintenance
Community Outreach
Tournaments & the Weekly

Expansion: Should we pursue a 2nd disc golf course in San Francisco?

Safari: We need to discuss this year’s Safari. We will be asking for volunteers to help Rob this year.

Course Issues: We will discuss some of the issues we have seen on the course during the first month of play.

Other Items: If you have items that you would like to discuss, this is the time and place to bring them up.

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