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First Work Party
April 10, 2007

We have a few issues that need to be address so we will be having our first official course is open work party this Sunday. We will start around 1pm after the weekly.

Items to be addresssed:

1. A shorter pin position for 14. This is a temporary fix for the erosion issues we are seeing on the hillside beyond 14. There is going to need to some serious controls put into place on the hillside here. Till we get those in place, we will have the basket in a shorter position that does not bring the hill side into play.

2. Bigger Screen on 17,18: We are going to add a second screen on 17 behind the tee for 18 to provide better protection for the tee pad.

3. Signs: We need to attach a few more signs that did not get put up yet.

4. Trails: We need to put down a few more peeler cores on 11, 12 & 17 to 18. We will need to find the peeler cores so this may not happen if we do not have them by the weekend.

5. Installing Jute netting on holes 11 & 12: These are erosion controls that we told the city we would have in place 30 days after opening.

6. Chips: We would like to chip the final pin positions. There are still a few pins that need chips.

Added: 7. Fix tree screen on 14.

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