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Work Party – Saturday Dec 4th
November 29, 2010

Its that time again to take care of our beloved course. Please join us this Saturday if you can. Details below….

Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course Work Party
Saturday, December 4th, 8am – til we’re done.
Course will be closed.
Meet at Tee #1.

Lunch will be provided.

Working list of to dos (not expected to do this all in one day):

- chipping

- raking and seeding fairways (See Jon Toby)

- need to fix the net on Tee 11

- erosion control (See Todd)
- – hillside on 5′s fairway needs to be reorganized
- – hillside between 11′s tee and 12′s tee needs
work, something to keep folks from taking the shortcut.
- – 12′s hillside on the right

- fairway design improvements (See Todd)
- – the hip on 7 needs to be built up with obstacles
- – the right side of 9b before the office, i’d like to see
a smaller version of “Jeffrica” over here to bring
this whole closer to its original design.

- tee signs
- – 5 needs a new cover
- – 16 needs a new cover and dial

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