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Workparty: June 7 8am-? COURSE CLOSED!!!
June 4, 2008

Those of us who will be around this weekend will do some routine maintenance on the course. Specifically we’ll be doing some chipping, watering, and hopefully some terracing to prevent erosion on some of the holes. It would be nice to put up and repair a could of the tee screens. Please come and volunteer your time. If you have tools please bring them. As always, part or all of the course will be closed during the work party.

2008 San Francisco Safari…Coming Soon
June 3, 2008

Just wanted to give an update on the 2008 Safari.

The dates are finalized and will be August 9th & 10th. We were denied our permit for a full 18 hole safari course this year, and thus are trying to work out the details on exactly how many golfers we can host on the permanent 18 hole Golden Gate course. We are working out the final detail and should have registration info up in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned……

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