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Feb 9th: Work Party & Course Closed
February 5, 2008

Hi everyone,

I wanted to remind everyone that we have our bi-monthly work party this coming Saturday. This is an especially important work party as for the first time we will be working with a city employee who will be help us work on the course. This is our first opportunity to really demonstrate to the city the amount of support we have for disc golf in San Francisco. The ability of the club to get people to come out on a saturday and volunteer will demonstrate to the city that we are very committed to disc golf in San Francisco. This ability to show our passion and commitment to disc golf is key if we hope to see further expansion of disc golf in San Francisco.

Areas we will be working on:

Planting (200 plants)
Installing sleeve for practice basket
Clearing of debris from the big storm in January
Back filling in front of tee pads
Removing of weeds that the Parks Department asked for

We will be starting around 8am and will be working till at least all the plants have been planted. This will be completely dependent on the level of turnout. If you can’t make it out in the morning, please come for whatever time you can.

As always, the course will be CLOSED during the work party.

We will be providing LUNCH for all the morning workers.

This is an exciting time for the club and disc golf in San Francisco. We have a chance on Saturday to take a very big step toward seeing disc golf further expand in San Francisco, so I hope to see everyone there.

Jeffery Bowling
SFDGC President

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