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Club Meeting: Sunday April 29th – 1pm
April 18, 2007

Club Meeting
April 29th 1pm
Marx’s Meadow (The Course)

We will be having our first club meeting at the Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course. This will be an important meeting as we will discuss the future direction that the club should take. For the last 10 years, the San Francisco Disc Golf Club has been primarily focused on getting a disc golf course in San Francisco. As you may have heard, we have succeed in this goal!!!! It is now time to come together as a club and decided what our future focuses will be. If you have never attended a club meeting, this would be a great first meeting to attend. If you have a suggestion for the course, this is the time and place to bring it up. If you want to get involved in the ongoing course maintenance, this is the place to come and volunteer.

Discussion on the structure of the club now that Ross & Q are stepping down.
We will now be organizing the club by committees. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the club, please consider volunteering for one of the following committees.
Course Maintenance
Community Outreach
Tournaments & the Weekly

Expansion: Should we pursue a 2nd disc golf course in San Francisco?

Safari: We need to discuss this year’s Safari. We will be asking for volunteers to help Rob this year.

Course Issues: We will discuss some of the issues we have seen on the course during the first month of play.

Other Items: If you have items that you would like to discuss, this is the time and place to bring them up.

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Vote on the New Stamps
April 15, 2007

We are about to order new discs, and we wanted to give everyone a chance to vote on the new designs. Visit the message board for a chance to see the 5 designs and vote for your favorite two.

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Design A Club Disc
April 13, 2007

In an ongoing effort to provide the coolest club discs, we are always looking for new hot stamp designs. We are looking for discs that either promote the Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course or the San Francisco Disc Golf Club. If you want to see your artwork on a disc or have an idea for a cool disc, here is your chance. Please send your art work to To see the guidelines needed for art work submissions, please visit Innova’s art work guidelines.

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First Work Party
April 10, 2007

We have a few issues that need to be address so we will be having our first official course is open work party this Sunday. We will start around 1pm after the weekly.

Items to be addresssed:

1. A shorter pin position for 14. This is a temporary fix for the erosion issues we are seeing on the hillside beyond 14. There is going to need to some serious controls put into place on the hillside here. Till we get those in place, we will have the basket in a shorter position that does not bring the hill side into play.

2. Bigger Screen on 17,18: We are going to add a second screen on 17 behind the tee for 18 to provide better protection for the tee pad.

3. Signs: We need to attach a few more signs that did not get put up yet.

4. Trails: We need to put down a few more peeler cores on 11, 12 & 17 to 18. We will need to find the peeler cores so this may not happen if we do not have them by the weekend.

5. Installing Jute netting on holes 11 & 12: These are erosion controls that we told the city we would have in place 30 days after opening.

6. Chips: We would like to chip the final pin positions. There are still a few pins that need chips.

Added: 7. Fix tree screen on 14.

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New News Page
April 10, 2007

Welcome to the new San Francisco Disc Golf News Page. We will post news stories here on the latest happenings in the San Francisco Disc Golf Community. For now, the only news is that we have a wonderful 18 hole course in Golden Gate Park and the weather is perfect. Get off your computer and go play a round!!

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See images of Opening Day
April 7, 2007

We have posted some photos from Opening Day. March 31st, 2007.

Click Here to visit the gallery.

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Q’s description of Opening Day
April 7, 2007

Thanks to everyone who came out to opening day of the Golden Gate Park disc golf course this past Saturday! It was extremely moving to see so many people out to enjoy the grand opening of this crazy little dream that took more than 10 years to make reality.

It cannot be said often enough: Thank You Ross Hammond, Jeffery Bowling, and Les & Anne for pushing this through the last 15 months! If you ever play a round of golf out there, you owe these people a big thank you – however you choose to offer it up.

It was a wonderful day, and it was great to see so many people come out for the grand opening. There were Founding SFDGC members present, who moved away or drifted off from the club, who finally got to see what the club has grown into, and what an amazing accomplishment we – YOU – managed to make happen. There were new friends, new members, and some very important people present as well.

Meagan Levitan of the Parks Commission said a few words, and David Lee of the Commission brought his whole family out to play as well. Marvin Yee was there, and the club presented Meagan and Marvin with Builders’ Discs to thank them for their efforts.

The club also presented “Golden Shovel Awards” to the magnificent seven club members who put in the most time on the course:

Les Swift 311 Hours
Anne Farrell 290 Hours
Pat Walsh 168 Hours
Pete D’Agostino 158 Hours
Max Ruddick 140 Hours
Tyler Schultz 118 Hours
Jeffery Bowling 110 Hours

The club also presented Les and Anne with a gift certificate for a weekend getaway at the Monarch Cove Inn bed and breakfast in Aptos, as a way of saying thanks for all of the hard work that they have done. The perfect little honeymoon, following their wedding ceremony on hole #8 Sunday morning!

Also present was Tim Selinske of Innova, who flew up just for opening day! Innova has been a great supporter of ours from the very beginning, and it was fantastic that Tim could be there to be part of it. It was Innova’s support early on that enabled us to build a membership model that truly drove membership – and it was the size of our membership base all along that got & kept the Parks Department’s attention.

Speaking of Innova: we started the day with over 900 custom opening day discs, three different designs from Jonah Schmidt and Mark Gettys, and ended the day with less than 100 discs! If you haven’t gotten any opening day discs yet, get yourself out to the next weekly, or you’ll have to buy them off of your friends!

The raffle was a huge success, with many wall-hanger discs donated from private collections including Leonard Muise, Ross Hammond, Mike Ruzicka (who couldn’t be there, but mailed them in from Sun River, Oregon!), and myself. Innova, Whammo, the Disc Golf Association, Safari Disc Sports, Memphis Minnie’s, The Grateful Dent, and Kilowatt Bar all also made kind and generous donations. The raffle culminated in Neal Hoellwarth winning the DGA Mach III Basket with a custom “Builders’ Disc” number plate.

It was completely fitting that Mr. Neal won the basket, given how much has helped disc golf in general, and especially this club over the years. Back in 1996/1997 when we were first forming this club it was Mr. Neal who was most supportive. He gave me contact information, great ideas, and most of all: SUPPORT.

It was a wonderful day, and there were times I got completely choked up and had a hard time not just bursting into tears of joy. After eleven years of work, and ten years since we founded the club, San Francisco has an incredible disc golf course in its move beloved and well known park.

I hope that you will continue to bring your friends, family and co-workers out to enjoy disc golf in the park, and look forward to seeing you out there soon.

Amazed, grateful, inspired, and on my way out to sneak in a lunch 18,
Greg – Q – Quiroga
Club Founder
“I used to wish I’d done something with my 20′s. Now I can say I have.”

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