Mach III Auction – High Bids

September 6, 2017 in Club Information

*Bids in BOLD denote ties.

Club Meetings

October 4, 2012 in Club Information

The San Francisco Disc Golf club holds official meetings from time to time as needed.

The time and location will often change but is generally held very near the course if not at the course itself.
This is a great place to get together with fellow club members and discuss club business and how to keep our course being one of the best out there.

We encourage visitors to check out the Club’s Facebook pages.
For more information about our club meetings, contact the club President.
If you can’t make a meeting, we will generally post meeting minutes via our blog and forum shortly after they are held.

Maintenance and Cleanup Days

October 4, 2012 in Club Information

The SFDGC constructed the new course using volunteer labor and donations, and continues to play an integral part in the ongoing maintenance of our world-class 18 hole course in Golden Gate Park. While we strongly encourage the “pack your trash” mentality on a daily basis, we also recognize the need for occasional dedicated cleanup and maintenance work parties. In general these work parties will become a news headline via our blog (the right panel), and will be discussed and allow visitor contributions via our forum’s Course Maintenance section. You may also wish to contact club officials to join our Course Maintenance committee.

Club Overview

October 4, 2012 in Club Information

Founded in 1997, the San Francisco Disc Golf Club is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of disc golf and fostering a sense of community for disc golfers. Our primary goal is to build permanent disc golf courses, complete with baskets, in the San Francisco area. In 2005, this hard work paid off when the former 12-hole trial course in Golden Gate Park was approved for expansion to the 18 hole permanent course that thousands of players enjoy today.

The San Francisco Disc Golf Club continues to maintain their beloved disc golf course which officially opened in 2007 and continues to attract more and more golfers each day. Every time we play disc golf we are ambassadors for our sport, and we endeavor to promote disc golfing as an environmentally and socially beneficial sport. We prove on a daily basis that disc golf is challenging and rewarding for people from all ages and backgrounds, and that the sport coexists amicably with other recreations in urban parks.

The San Francisco Disc Golf Club continues to maintain their beloved disc golf course which officially opened in 2007 and continues to attract more and more golfers each day.

  • We are establishing a sizeable membership base of disc golfers in San Francisco and Northern California and developing that base into a voice.
  • We are establishing ourselves and our sport as responsible members of the San Francisco community, and establishing that disc golf courses would have positive impacts on their respective parks and communities within the City of San Francisco.
  • We are encouraging the growth of the sport by offering beginners the opportunity to come out and learn disc golf in a friendly, rewarding environment.
  • We are offering weekly tournaments and a handicapping system for disc golf competitors.
  • We are hosting an annual San Francisco Disc Golf Safari Tournament.
  • We are maintaining a world class disc golf course in San Francisco, CA.
  • We are planning the expansion of disc golf on the peninsula.

Join our mailing list for more information , or contact us through the website to become more involved in one of our committees.

We appreciate all feedback from members and non-members alike.