SFDGC Constitution_with Lists

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  1. NAME:
    1. The name of the Club will be the San Francisco Disc
      Golf Club, Incorporated (or Inc), hereafter referred to as the SFDGC
    1. Promote interest in Disc Golf.
    2. Actively promote a spirit of goodwill and friendship
      for all people involved in the activities of Disc Golf.
    3. Make the San Francisco community and all associated
      governments aware of the benefits of Disc Golf as an outdoor activity
      and a sport.
    4. Assist in the promotion and running of San Francisco
      Disc Golf events.
    5. The property and income of the Club shall be applied
      solely towards the promotion of the stated objectives or purposes of
      the Club and no part of that property or income may be paid or
      otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to members of the Club,
      except in good faith in the promotion of the objectives stated herein.
    1. The Clubs premises shall be at an address determined
      by the Executive Committee from time to time.
    1. Any person who is interested in Disc Golf shall be
      eligible for membership.
    2. There are two categories of membership: Full Financial
      Members and Friends of SFDGC.
    3. The membership fee to be paid to the SFDGC by the each
      category of member is defined as such:

      1. $40.00 per year for Full Financial Members.
      2. 5.00 per year for Friends of SFDGC. *****STILL
    4. Register of Members:
      1. The Elected Treasurer will, on behalf of the Club,
        keep and maintain the register of members and that register shall be
        kept and maintained at the Committee member’s place of residence.
      2. The Committee member shall delete the name of any
        person who ceases to be a member of the Club from the register of
    5. Membership Benefits are as follows:
      1. Full Financial Members: Voting Rights, club disc
        upon Membership payment or renewal, right to purchase club discs at
        $6.00 per disc, subscription to PAR—the SFDGC newsletter.
      2. Friends of SFDGC: Voting Rights, subscription to
        PAR—the SFDGC newsletter.
    1. All members will be entitled to vote on any resolution
      and each member will be entitled to one vote, given in person.
    2. All voting matters will be decided by a simple
      majority, except in the case of amendments to this constitution and in
      the case of election of office bearers where only one nomination is
      received and then a 75% majority is required.
    3. Only Executive Committee members are entitled to vote
      at Executive Committee meetings.
    1. The positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer
      will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting. If at the Annual
      General Meeting there is only one nominee for the Position of President
      and there is not a 75% acceptance of the nominee by the Annual General
      Meeting then the previous President will remain in office until an
      acceptable nominee is elected by another Annual General Meeting or
      Special General Meeting.
    2. The Executive Committee will consist of the President,
      Secretary, Treasurer and any other Executive Officer duly elected at
      the Annual General Meeting. All members of the SFDGC Executive
      Committee will be announced at the Annual General Meeting.
    3. The President has one vote, plus a casting vote in any
      matter of concern.
    4. Remuneration will not be payable to Executive
      Committee members, who will act in an honorary capacity in the function
      of an Executive Committee Member of the SFDGC.
    5. If an Executive Committee member wishes to retire,
      then he/she must inform the other Executive Committee members by letter
      of resignation and that casual vacancy will be filled by the Executive
      Committee for the duration of the term.
    6. A casual vacancy may exist on the Executive Committee
      if a Committee Member

      1. Dies
      2. Resigns by written notice delivered to the
        Executive Committee
      3. Is permanently incapacitated by mental or physical
    7. All members of the Executive Committee must be Full
      Financial Members of the SFDGC at the time of taking office.
    1. The control of the Club will be in the hands of the
      Executive Committee who will:

      1. Consider, and where necessary, authorize
        expenditure of any payment of accounts.
      2. Fill a casual vacancy on the Executive Committee
        by appointment until the next Annual General Meeting.
      3. From time to time, institute any regulations or
        rules considered necessary for the day to day operations of the Club;
        such regulations to be confirmed or amended at the subsequent Annual
        General Meeting.
      4. Determine categories of membership, and
        appropriate scale of membership fees, to be confirmed or amended at the
        subsequent Annual General Meeting.
      5. Invest the funds of the Club from time to time as
        it sees fit.
  8. QUORUM:
    1. A quorum of the Executive Committee will consist of
      not less than two (2) Committee members personally present.
    2. A quorum of members will consist of not less than four
      members personally present.
    1. The funds of the Club, together with its income and
      any property, will be under the sole management control of the
      Executive Committee.
    2. The Executive Committee will cause proper books of
      accounts to be maintained, recording a true account of the financial
      transactions of the Club and of all the receipts and expenditures and
      the assets and liabilities of the Club.
    3. The accounts of the Club will be closed annually as of
      the 31st of December.
    4. Accounts for payment will be authorized by the
      Executive Committee.
    5. The accounts of the Club will be audited annually. The
      Executive Committee will appoint the honorary Auditor.
    6. The bank account may be operated on by any two
      Committee members or any one Committee member and one other person as
      agreed by the Executive Committee.
    1. An Annual General Meeting will be held once per year
      with thirty days notice to active members at a minimum.
    2. Annual General Meetings will be called at the
      discretion of the Executive Committee members but must be held no later
      than 15 (fifteen) months from the prior Annual General Meeting.
    3. The Chairman of all General Meetings shall be the
      President, or in their absence, an Executive Committee member appointed
      by the other Committee members shall then preside for that meeting.
    4. Only paid members of the Club will be entitled to vote
      at the meetings of the Club.
    1. Alterations or amendments to the Constitution will be
      determined by vote at the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Proposed alterations or amendments can be presented at
      the Annual General Meeting or at a meeting called for that express
    3. A 75% majority vote of all votes received is required
      to amend the Constitution.
    1. Any member may at a reasonable time inspect, without
      charge, the books, documents, records and securities of the Club.
    1. The Club, may be dissolved or wound-up by a resolution
      of any ordinary or general meeting called for such purpose. If upon the
      dissolution or winding-up of the Club there remains, after the
      satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever,
      the same shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members of the
      Club, but shall be given or transferred to some other Club or
      institution having objects similar, wholly or in part to the objects of
      this Club. Should no Club be found with similar objectives, the
      proceeds amounted from property owned, shall be given to a recognized